Norwalk Reflector: Willard clock project tops $200,000-plus mark

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Willard clock project tops $200,000-plus mark

By Rick Reed • Sep 13, 2018 at 3:00 PM

I have been receiving requests for the latest on the Save Willard’s Clock project and thought it was time to let people know where we are to date.

For those who aren’t following the clocks progress on social media where we update frequently on our web site and Facebook page. Right now, we are at about 84 percent of what we need to stand the clock up in working condition. It would still need a brick façade at that point but would be working.

This summer we have created two fundraisers. We were given a water color clock painting done in the early 70s by well-known artist Teruko Wilde who used to live in Willard. Her husband Davis Wilde owned and ran the Willard paper back in the 1980s I believe. Teruko now lives out west and has become a premier painter who has a gallery selling her artwork. Her paintings sell for hundreds of dollars. Her framed clock painting can be seen online at Save Willard’s Clock Facebook page and web site. The current bid is $500, and you can e-mail a bid at the

We also are selling bricks at our brick website at Two sizes of bricks are available. Honor someone, a birthday, family member and more. Use your imagination. It’s easy to do and pay for online.

We will also have a snow blower to raise money as well. It’s a $1,700,00 value. 

We also did a new Clock Plaza magazine in June, which can be picked up at Don Graham and Associates downtown while supplies last. We still have “Willard, Ohio Rediscovering” history books available at various locations in town.

With pledges and donations, we are at the $200,000 plus mark. For those who want to help with a donation you can mail a check made out to Save Willard’s Clock and mail to PO Box 367 Willard, Ohio 44890.

This is an exciting time for our hometown and invite everyone, business and residents to make that donation as soon as possible so we can finish this project and move on.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Rick Reed of Hope, Ind. is spearheading the “Save Willard’s Clock” effort.

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