Norwalk Reflector: Turn off the Internet and talk to somebody

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Turn off the Internet and talk to somebody

• Jul 3, 2018 at 10:33 AM

If you were to ask the average American citizen who our greatest enemy is, they would probably say ISIS.

But I think the real answer is a famous quote: “We have met the enemy and she is us.”

We are destroying ourselves from within. Republicans against Democrats. Whites against blacks. Men against women. Nobody takes responsibility for anything. 

The easiest cuplrit is the Internet. Somehow we have revolved into a computer society and not one-on-one. No face-to-face.

The proof of this is the World Health Organization has recognized video game addiction as a disease. Our younger generation is growing up with this. No family values. We all should be after the same thing — the best we can do — but that has been lost.

I would submit to you Facebook also is in that category.

Republicans are not bad or good. Democrats are not bad or good. Catholics are not bad or good. Protestants are not bad or good.

How many of your neighbors do you know anymore? How many of your children’s friends do you know?

I grew up in the 40s. There were no mass shootings. 

I am 78 years old. It’s not like it used to be.

We need to get back to real family values, which means we are responsible for ourselves. We all need to be after the same thing — the best we can achieve.

Remember this — every great nation was not destroyed from the outside. It was destroyed from within.

We are becoming a morally corrupt nation. Once we start thinking we all are the same we can become a great nation again.

We need to take care of our family.

Just think about it. Maybe just turn off that Internet and go visit somebody.

We learn by listening to others.

Thank-you for your time and attention.

Jack Pfanner

North Fairfield

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