Norwalk Reflector: Pray for the end to abortion

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Pray for the end to abortion

• Jun 19, 2018 at 11:00 PM

It is a terrible thing. Many have died from this. Actually they have been murdered. Yes, that is the only way to describe it.

Who among us would like to have our arms and legs ripped from our bodies? And our heads crushed with powerful pliers? None, I would say. But this is what happened to babies who have been aborted. This is the crime many people do not want to think about. Do you realize that there could have been 10 to 50 more graduates in our county high schools if there was no abortion? Makes us think about the huge numbers of our prospective citizens eliminated by abortion.

The right to life is the fundamental human right and the one right upon which all other human rights depend. If the government takes onto itself God’s divine right to determine who among us shall live and who shall die, then it has the power to give — or take — every other right.

Ending the evil of abortion is the most important action you can take to save this country and provide future generations with a nation that loves, protects and defends human life, and most especially, the child in the womb.

This is an issue for all people - Democrat, Republican, and Independent, Catholic, Protestant, or no religion, black, white and Hispanic. Call out politicians who claim to protect life, but protect those prey on frightened women and kill defenseless babies.

Pray for America. Pray for an end to the curse on our nation — abortion.

Note: Some of the above is adapted from Fr. Frank Pavone, the, National Director of Priests for Life from Merrifield, Va, 22116-1491.


Roger W. George


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