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I am sick and tired of you know-nothing gun control advocates beating your drums

• Jun 1, 2018 at 2:00 PM

This letter is in response to the letters against the NRA.

You speak of the NRA as some distant organization heck bent on killing everyone in their sleep.

Well, I’d like to tell you — I am the NRA, just like some of your neighbors or friends.

Just because I own guns and support the wonderful organization the NRA happens to be, does not make me a pistol-packing mama.

I have worked my entire life and feel I’ve earned the right to live by myself in my own home, and my gun certainly helps me to do so.

Again, guns do not kill, but people do.

Check out London, England, where they do have gun control. The mayor is now trying to outlaw knives. Why do you suppose that is?

If a human wants to do harm, they will find a way.

I do agree that something like a mass shooting will happen here, not because of guns, but because of self-centered, egotistical humans.

I recently took a concealed carry class. I didi not see any wild-eyed gun crazies there, only law-abiding moms, dads, fathers, sons, grandparents, etc., and I didn’t hear one of them make a statement like “We’re coming for you.”

I suggest that people on both sides of the gun issue take a course in concealed carry. You may better understand why we wish to own guns and carry them.

In the meantime, I am sick and tired of you know-nothing gun control advocates beating your drums.


Jessie L. Roeder


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