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Failed Monroeville leadership, failed Monroeville levy

• May 30, 2018 at 12:00 PM

NOTE: The following letter to the editor was written by Robb Smithson of Peru Township.

Where is our leadership?

The public face of the schools is supposed to be the board members. Where have they been? Our superintendent is the only person we hear from on a regular basis in the news touting these confusing numbers. Our current leadership is failing. We have a board who is hand-chosen by other board members. We had an opportunity to change the board in November and with the exception of one member it stayed the same.

A hand-chosen board is never a good idea. Why were those members chosen? Was it because they have fresh ideas, a new perspective, or because they are willing to go along with the status quo and not question anything? I’ll guarantee this; I was interviewed twice and had a better chance of winning the nomination for president than being chosen by the current board.

If we need so desperately to pass a levy, why is it then we are trying to confuse the numbers and make people think they will pay less than they will actually pay? While I agree that adding funds to our budget is the easy way sometimes we have to adjust and trim our budget. No one can predict what funding the state will provide in five years so we need to plan for it now. We do know exactly what the taxpayers are going to provide.

Plan on what we know for fact, budget for what we think may happen. We have intelligent people working at the school. The bond refinance was an excellent decision but to try to use it as an excuse or reasoning behind these confusing numbers is no way to get a levy passed. I expressed this opinion to the board and to Mr. (Ralph) Moore when they were discussing this levy the first time prior to November. Someone has to step up and be a leader, not only for our school but for our community and the taxpayers (all of them). Up until this year I have been at almost every board meeting watching, listening and offering an opinion when necessary.

Now, between volunteering for Cub Scouts, baseball, T-ball and church, I just have not made time. I’ll run one more time in 2019 and that will be it. If elected to the board, you can depend on me to keep a watchful eye on our finances, stand up for what is right and not be a “yes” man.

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