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Janet Garrett's principles make her the best choice to represent us in Washington

• May 9, 2018 at 4:00 PM

An article and video in the Norwalk Reflector report on Congressman Jim Jordan's speech at First Presbyterian Church in Norwalk last Thursday. In it, Jordan touts the principles of faith, family and freedom for America. But, to my mind, he has some wrong notions about those principles.

Regarding faith, Jordan pictures the first European settlers of America being told "you've got to practice your faith in a certain way," and sailing to America to "practice our faith the way we think the good lord wants us to." Then Jordan says, "A relationship with the god of the universe through the work his son did ... is the most important thing on the individual level. But it's also important in a corporate sense that we as a country remember our Judeo-Christian heritage ... and we recognize that faith in the public square is important." That sounds like just the sort of thing that those first immigrants were running from. Does Jordan understand that our government should not favor one type of religion over another? Separation of church and state makes both stronger.

Regarding family, Jordan says "It's an institution that we have to protect. I think our laws should ... reinforce the family culture and institution." Now, I would count among such laws those for paid maternity leave, free daycare, and Medicare for all. But Jordan stands against those laws that help families directly.

Regarding freedom, Jordan names just one — to "come together, peaceably assemble, and practice your faith, and pray to the almighty.” That's fine, but regarding free assembly, Jordan should remember the words of the Bill of Rights — “the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." The recent student-led "March for Our Lives" did just that. But when they got to Jordan's Norwalk office, that office, as reported by the Reflector, did not even make a statement.

Before November, Fourth Congressional District voters should look into candidate Janet Garrett, who, I think, shows a true sense of American principles and practical government for the people.

(Link: janetgarrett.com)

Tim Adam


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