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'We are honored to have Mike Stoll as our dad'

• May 8, 2018 at 4:00 AM

Whether it be as a teacher, coach, mentor or father; We are very proud of this man for everything he is.

Throughout his career he has sought to be a positive influence on any and all people he has been in contact with. Whether it be in the classroom or on the football field his primary focus has always been to convey quality life lessons to his students or players.

His teaching and coaching philosophies always had more to do with preparing students for life than football or chemistry/physics. His career has always been a part of our lives. Growing up, going to games and watching him coach has been a great example of how to do things the right way and to give everything you have for things you care about.

He taught how to believe in the people you are working with and, most importantly, how to believe in yourself. His passion for his role in the community has been visible since the beginning of his career. The betterment of his students and players has always been his utmost priority. It's hard to forget his thoughtful one-liners and meaningful motivational speeches.

Thank-you to everyone for allowing him to do what he has loved doing for his entire career. An even greater thanks to our mother for all the support and love she has shown throughout the years. You all have meant the world to him. We are very honored to have Mike Stoll as our father and to have had you all experience a fraction of the mentorship that he has given my brothers and I our entire life.

— A.J., Kevin, Brent and Tate Stoll, proud sons

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