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It's time to start listening to our youth

• Mar 30, 2018 at 9:00 AM

The Norwalk March For Our Lives on Saturday was truly inspiring.

A total of 125 people marched in support of the young people of this country. Young people who have had to live with the specter of being shot to death in school, at the movie theatre, at a concert, or any number of other places for too long. They have been failed time and again by their congressmen and women who have done nothing to mitigate these tragedies. The young have said, “Enough!”

To the people who say that these students are simply “puppets of the far-left,” I say, I wish you had been there. You would have seen the maturity, the passion and the resolve these students have to enact change that no one can simply dictate to another. To those that say, “these kids don’t know what they are talking about,’’ I say, you should have more confidence in your children and their desire not to be killed by gun violence.

To those that say, “this march is about taking away our guns,” I say, please listen. This march advocated stricter background checks, effective licensing and registries to track weapons, bans on modifications which make guns even more lethal, and the repeal of the Dickey Amendment which would allow the CDC to study gun violence in this country. How could any of these be bad things — especially if they lead to even one more life being saved?

The youth of our nation are speaking out. Maybe we should try listening.

Katie Rivet


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