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Can NRA gun culture be reversed?

• Mar 22, 2018 at 9:00 AM

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following letter of the editor was submitted by Richard Missler of Norwalk:

The NRA has relabelled assault weapons as “sports shooting” and they endeavor to make these weapons of war ubiquitous throughout this and other communities.

Despite the fact that communities consist of congregation points, such as schools, churches, theaters, softball fields, malls, lunch rooms, cafeterias, ingress and egress choke points, nightclubs and pedestrian ways — people with assault weapons can and do kill many people.

In fact, the record clearly shows that school shooter plot lines center on, and incentivize on, the assault weapon device. It is a fire power script — body count is the moral.

The other matter at play in the community, and also ubiquitous, are children. There is a choice — harden the entire community or ban assault weapons.

In the wild west, weapons were checked at the outskirts of town by law. We are on the verge of checking a community’s children into lockdowns, an implosion.

In the general population, there are many individuals without the training and/or discipline for ownership/possession of assault weapons. There are many more who for a litany of psycho-social reasons, not necessarily elevated to legal status, who should not have them. They are sane and/or law-abiding until they are not. They can defend their homes without assault weapons.

The few, assault weaponers, are threatening the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for the many. Three million guns rights-saturated citizens versus 300 million. Who gets to play, who gets to be ubiquitous?

As far as armed teachers — less bad guys with assault weapons, more survivors, otherwise, we save children, but moms and dads, rushing toward shooters, keep the body count static. The teachers are going to die, along with police. The catalogue of shooters shows them to be savvy. The king on the shooter chessboard is the assault weapon. The 18-year-olds sitting there in the desks can purchase and straw purchase assault weapons.

So fizzle the plots and stop short of National Rifle Armageddon — “out of my cold dead town.” Welcome to the NRA gun culture. Can it even be reversed?

P.S. If you follow the NRA insistence that gun-free zones be eliminated, it is a hall pass to shooters. Teachers must consider the entire property, all hours, restricted access and the fact that school shooters are right there in the desks with inside tactical information. These are contract issues.

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