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Have a concern? Let them know at the Reflector

• Mar 21, 2018 at 9:00 AM

NOTE: The following letter to the editor was submitted by Scott Ford of Norwalk:

At the heart of our community is our local newspaper, the Norwalk Reflector.

Day in and day out, six days a week, the Reflector does an admirable job of reporting events not only in the Norwalk community but also in the surrounding area.

Led by editor Joe Centers, the staff is made up of our friends and neighbors. These intelligent and dedicated people work hard to focus on and report the news happening all around us. With a daily deadline to reach, the staff makes every effort to report the facts as correctly as possible. It is a thankless job that gratefully someone is willing to do. The newspaper here and those across the country are bulwarks of our cherished democracy.

I write today out of a deep concern how it has suddenly become a “sport” to trash our news organizations. The Reflector staff reports the news to the best of its ability. Does it make mistakes? Of course it does. Any human endeavor is subject to error. Our newspaper staff is no exception. We as a community know them. They are good and honorable people. Their mistakes are not intentional. They do not report “fake” news — a term recently made popular on the national level. It’s a term I detest.

On two occasions I have looked at the blogs on the Norwalk Reflector website. I did this at the urging of a friend. I’ll not do it again. The vicious name-calling and outright slander that I saw was appalling. The attacks on the staff of the newspaper and the newspaper itself, for the most part, were carried out by people writing anonymously. The spelling, abbreviations, verb/subject agreement, and general syntax of the English language are not something many of the bloggers have completely mastered. To go on in this vein is not helpful.

I would like to offer some suggestions that we can do as the public to help the newspaper staff.

No one is more open to the public than Joe Centers. Call him. Express your concerns. If you have an event, contact the paper to give it enough lead time to get someone there. When you think the staff has done a particularly good job covering an event, let them know.

When you take issue with something the paper has reported, please be civil with your expressed concerns. I don’t understand why complaints need to be so demeaning and condescending in tone. Imagine how you would like to be treated if you were on the newspaper staff. The newspaper’s number is 419-668-3771.

I’m grateful to have the Norwalk Reflector in our community. I encourage the staff to continue putting forth its current strong effort. To the public please help by doing what you can to make the paper the best that it can be.

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