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We are the dogs' voices in Huron County

• Feb 2, 2018 at 9:00 AM

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following letter to the editor was written by Carol Shaffoe of Milan:

Being an animal lover, I have been following the ongoing conflict between Mr. (Gary) Ousley and the Huron County Second Chance K-9s and friends. Dogs are man’s best friend and your excuse for not wanting volunteers to walk dogs is just that — an excuse — a very bad one at that. These poor dogs are either lost or have been abandoned, then picked up, thrown in a cage with no love and very little attention.

For a dog to enjoy a short walk with the smell of fresh air is no leather off your shoes, Mr. Ousley. So why not let it happen? It would be such a great pleasure from being caged day in and day out. Something just isn’t right here!

Dog lovers in Norwalk, unite and voice your opinions to help make this small enjoyment happen. We are the dogs’ voices!

Shame on Huron County Commissioners Mr. (Terry) Boose and Mr. (Joe) Hintz, as well. Give them a 30-day trial period as Shelly Fannin suggested. Eighty percent of Ohio counties have volunteer programs and they work well. Just the fact that Mr. Boose did not vote for Dick Goddard’s Law shows he has very little love or concern toward animals.

I once went to the dog pound to possibly adopt a dog. The conditions were deplorable. It was hot, smelly and flies all over the place. It broke my heart seeing the conditions these dogs were living in. Maybe it has improved, but I only remember what I saw.

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