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Delivering Reflector newspapers — by a helicopter

• Jan 30, 2018 at 3:00 PM

Found the coverage of 78 blizzard.

Brought back memories. I was Reflector sports editor then, but not that weekend.

Was up early. Couldn't sleep so wrote a letter to an MSU friend while watching barometer drop.

Lived near downtown and walked to work about 6.

YES we did publish Thursday Friday and Saturday.

Then it dawned on folks how do we circulate the paper?

The publisher, forgot his name, simply found a helicopter and airlifted some copies to a Willard market.

One day - Friday? - jack brown sent me to the national guard armory to cover Evacuations of stranded people who had medical issues.

I was assigned to a chopper crew that airlifted a diabetic gentleman to a Toledo hospital. Guard member said they would also search for stranded folks and asked if I would have a problem helping carry any dead people we might find.

The the diabetic gentleman sat between myself and a guardsman en route to hospital.

Afterwards I learned his blood sugar so so high he was on the verge of death. The Guard saved his life.

It was surreal to look down from the air at the closed turnpike - semi trucks and trailers littering the landscape. I believe that was first time the turnpike ever closed.

For at least a week it was dangerous to drive rural roads. Snow was piled higher than vehicles especially at intersections. Drive at your own risk. You couldn't see oncoming traffic.

Ed Ronders

Former Norwalk Reflector employee

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