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It’s time to harvest the wind

By Tyler M. Duvelius • Jan 18, 2018 at 9:00 AM

As President Reagan once said, “work and family are at the center of our lives, the foundation of our dignity as a free people.”

The Christian Coalition is a conservative political organization that works to strengthen American families by supporting conservative policies that will positively impact our families. One such policy is an embrace of a true “all of the above” approach to achieving energy independence in the United States. Through the achievement of energy independence, America will become safer and more resilient to geo-political pressures, we will create jobs and opportunities for our families and we will be able to be consistent with God’s call to be good stewards of our home here on Earth.

It is vitally important to families in Huron County to support the Emerson Creek Wind project. This is tremendous opportunity for families of Huron County that will provide many benefits to families in Huron County. Over the next 30 years, nearly $100 million will go to landowners and local schools. An additional $27 million will be paid to the county and local townships. Furthermore, this project will create 130 jobs. That means 130 families that will be able to have good news to share as they sit around their dinner tables.

Opportunities such as this do not come around often, and when they do it is imperative that they are acted upon so that families may benefit. The benefits will not only serve Huron County residents in the short term, but this project will be a boost to the economic competiveness of Huron County for generations to come. That is why community leaders joined together earlier this month to ask the Huron County Commissioners to approve a project-specific payment-in-lieu-of-taxes (PILOT) so Emerson Creek Wind can move one step closer to reality.

It would be remiss to not mention the benefits that this project would have for the agricultural community. Being able to create an additional revenue stream without impacting farming practice provides additional income security for our famers. Harvesting the wind to produce clean and affordable electricity will provide families who farm an increased peace of mind. This is why the American Farm Bureau, to whom President Trump recently spoke, shares the perspective of the Christian Coalition in calling for the “further development and use of renewable energy sources.”

In conclusion, the Emerson Creek Wind project stands to provide a much-needed boost to local small business. It will benefit schools to the tune of $54 million over 30 years. Landowners will receive $43 million and local governments will have an influx of millions of dollars without having to raise taxes by a single cent. Moreover, an untold sum of opportunities will become readily available to Huron County families. Our families are the foundation of America. Let’s ensure that we keep our families strong and our work plentiful, support Emerson Creek Wind.

Tyler M. Duvelius is state director, Christian Coalition of Ohio.

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