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Let these people help at the Huron County dog pound

• Updated Jan 17, 2018 at 10:53 AM

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following letter to the editor was submitted by Marilyn Evenson of Vermilion:

I wrote before and I must write again about the continued animosity toward the Huron County Second Chances K-9 group by the Huron County dog warden and the commissioners according to the articles on Jan. 6 and 12t in the Reflector.

Why would they not want any extra help to make it easier for the dogs to find homes? Terry Boose states the pound is doing a “pretty good job.” Why not make it an excellent job? They should take all the free help they can get and Second Chances K-9 is willing.

Eighty percent of shelters and pounds in Ohio have volunteers to walk and interact with and socialize the dogs. Dogs have a better chance to be adopted when they are socialized. I certainly hope the dogs are now provided with beds and blankets.

The dog warden is worried about hiring a humane investigator would “step on the HCHS's toes.” I would say that is doubtful. There are more than enough animal abuse cases to be investigated, unfortunately, especially with this freezing cold weather with dogs and cats being left outside. Shame on any pet owner who leaves their domestic animals outside.

Dr. Ron Hendricksen said it best: “I do not recommend that pets be housed outside at all.”

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