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Help us help those who don't have a voice

• Jan 16, 2018 at 9:00 AM

NOTE: The following letter to the editor was written by Shelley J. Fannin of Norwalk:

As a resident of Huron County and an executive board member of Huron County Second Chance K-9’s, I would like to respond to Cary Ashby’s recent article entitled, “Boose: Dog Warden ‘doing a pretty good job’ with adoptions.” 

I consider myself an advocate for those who have no voice. As a group, we are advocating for the betterment of the dogs at the Huron County Dog Pound. We have brought our concerns to Dog Warden Gary Ousley as well as the Huron County commissioners. It has been a struggle to convince Mr. Ousley that the conditions at the dog pound do indeed warrant improvement; our group has made small gains. We have been assured that the practice of cleaning the cages with an overhead hose, while the dog is present in the kennel, has been stopped. The dogs are also now allowed to have a blanket.

Terry Boose has made it clear that he is not interested in improving said conditions. To understand Mr. Boose’s point of view, as a state representative, he voted against making it a felony to cause serious harm to animals (Goddard’s Law) twice. In the article in question he states, “What they want us to do is a little more than required to do (by the state).” Mediocrity? Is that what we want for our county? Approximately 80 percent of Ohio counties currently have volunteer dog walking programs in place. Is Mr. Ousley going a good job? He is doing his job at the very minimum level. Could he do a better job? Yes! Shouldn’t we all strive to be better at our jobs?

As citizens of Huron County, we are asking our appointed and elected officials to do better. If you are interested in helping our cause, please contact our county commissioners to share your concerns. If you would like to further join our efforts, look for our “small” group (more than 1,200 members) on Facebook where we share photos of dogs at the pound and offer help in veterinary costs to get them adopted.

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