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Emerson Creek Wind Project should get built

• Jan 16, 2018 at 1:00 PM

NOTE: The following letter to the editor was submitted by Tim Adam of Wakeman:

I have seen a fair amount of reporting and commentary about the Emerson Creek Wind Project and the town halls Huron County commissioners have hosted. But I have not seen a mention of the elephant in the room — climate change.

We are seeing more-and-more harsh weather events occurring more-and-more often. These calamities are hitting us now, but will hit our children, grandchildren and future generations even harder.

One big part of dealing with this problem is zeroing-out greenhouse gas emissions and getting to 100 percent clean energy. A Stanford University study shows that we can do this world-wide with current technology. For Ohio, the study shows 45 percent of all our energy needs coming from onshore wind power. So I think that this wind project would be an important step in getting us to that. And when we add in economic effect, we have a tremendous win-win.

As adult human beings, we have the duty to take care of the earth and to leave a better world for our posterity. As citizens of a republic, we have a special power and duty, including voting for our officials. And officials at all levels of government have a special power and duty to do something about this problem.

How will you answer your grandchildren when they ask what you did to fight the calamities of climate change? Huron County commissioners would have one good answer for them by making sure the Emerson Creek Wind Project gets built.

Link: http://thesolutionsproject.org/infographic/#oh

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