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We need to support Emerson Creek Wind Farm project

• Jan 10, 2018 at 1:00 PM

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following letter to the editor was submitted by Tom Yingling of Bellevue:

On Thursday, Jan. 4, Huron County Commissioners listened to public feedback about the Emerson Creek Wind Farm project being developed by Apex Clean Energy. The project, located in both Erie and Huron counties, is on course to be in operation in 2019 and produce enough energy to power 94,000 homes.

It was clear, based on the broad range of input at the meeting, that there is a great deal of community support for this project — and for good reason: it stands to deliver an immense economic opportunity for the region over a 30-year period.

• $43 million in landowner payments

• $54 million in school payments

• $27 million in county and township payments

• 130 new local jobs during the construction phase of the project

Additionally, our local schools stand to reap significant benefits from annual payments. This means a new dedicated, long-term revenue stream to update facilities, provide new supplies and equipment and invest directly in our children. It also means school districts are less reliant on increasing our property taxes to fund schools.

We may never see an opportunity like this in our lifetime and it’s critical we don’t turn our back on this chance to support our local community and schools.

Please support the Emerson Creek Wind Project.

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