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Norwalk businesses rise to the occasion

• Nov 23, 2017 at 2:00 PM

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following letter to the editor was written by Scott Ford of Norwalk:

It never ceases to amaze me how the Norwalk businesses and companies always rise to the occasion when something is needed for the children of this city. Please allow me to give you examples of this caring attitude.

Last week Marvin Smith’s company, Smith’s Paving and Excavating, sent a work crew down to the V.F.W. to correct a persistent drainage problem that caused water damage to Lefty Grove League equipment. With the league having a restricted budget, Aaron Smith, (Mr. Marvin Smith’s son), worked with us in order to make the repair project affordable. Much of the work was donated with the reason given that it was “for the kids.” The resulting work was absolutely excellent in its quality. The league is very grateful to the following members of the work crew: Andy Dahm, Jim Rhoad, Mike Hermes, Al Roeder, Zach Osborn, Diane McKenna, and Travis Arnett. These excellent workers worked very hard to correct the problem.

The V.F.W. Post #2743 went out of its way in its continuing effort to serve the youth of this city. Thanks to Donovan Platte, Quartermaster Brian Alger, Commander Howard Smith, and all the members of the post who helped to make the entire project possible.

On St. Mary’s Street is a business named Lesch Boat Cover & Canvas Company. Over the years the Lefty Grove League has been able to have numerous pieces of equipment skillfully repaired there. Dan Lesch, Tom Lesch, Eric Gibson, and Lydia Bowles have done a wonderful job of repairing whatever the league brought to them. Most recently, the league was able to save a considerable sum of money because of their skill in repairing equipment bags.

The cost to the league was extremely reduced. Dan and Tom Lesch like to call such a reduction, “the Lefty Grove discount.” What this company does for the youth of this city is outstanding.

Finally, a special thanks goes out to Neel Plumbing. While doing this project a water line had to be repaired. Within ten minutes of being called Neel Plumbing was there. The line was put back in service and the project continued. This plumbing company has been there for the league each and every time it was needed. The work done by Neel Plumbing is absolutely excellent.

To all of those mentioned above the Lefty Grove League again extends our sincerest thanks.

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