Norwalk Reflector: God bless our crossing guards

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God bless our crossing guards

• Nov 14, 2017 at 12:00 PM

Editor’s note: This letter was received before Friday’s news than an anonymous $10,000 was received to help the city pay for its share of the crossing guards in 2018.

The possible loss of the town’s crossing guards will certainly be a loss. It would be less of a concern if there were timed countdown crossing lights in place at schools to aid students. This might be a future investment consideration.

For residents who view the discontinuation of these services as a monetary gain, I’d invite them to come and watch or join in crossings with students. Mr. Nickoli’s assistance is invaluable, as I’m sure are the other guards. His corner on League is a high traffic area. Over his years of crossing my grandchildren, I have witnessed numerous occasions of drivers not slowing down, although it’s posted, and drivers forgetting the rules concerning buses.

The guard at the corners of Whittlesey and League has a very complicated light system to deal with while crossing students. Ask her, please. One (of a few) incident last year happened to us. Although she had on her neon vest, her stop sign and was using the traffic light system to cross myself, my three grandsons, and two other students, a driver pulled into us, only yielding a few inches from physical contact. With inquiring if this was an often occurrence, she answered it seemed so.

So God bless these strong-hearted few who truly guard our children. I am sincerely hoping a solution to budget cuts comes up for all.


Kathleen Walton


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