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Are we getting what we should from our trustees?

• Nov 4, 2017 at 6:00 PM

Here in Townsend Township, we need to elect two candidates to fill the position of trustee for the next four years. With all the signs out, we all know who the candidates are. We should vote for the candidate who will take the time to answer our calls and provide the township with the best service.

In the last 20 years, the Collins cemetery has doubled in the number of burials, old fencing was torn down and new chain fencing was installed, the old wooden building was torn down and replaced with a metal building. Metal plates were installed on the corner of plots by the old bricks so a metal detector could be used to locate the plots easier. A lot of the plates still have to be put in.

The berms on a lot of the roads were paved to make them wider and safer. Issue 2 money was applied by both Wakeman and Townsend Townships to improve Wakeman Townline Road. It took a couple of years and was constructed in three parts, but this saved the townships hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A couple of years back, a fire station committee was formed, and they did a wonderful job of putting the station together. I hope they get the credit they deserve. We have a great fire department! We have people who will train and serve the township 24/7 for a dollar a year. We need trustees who attend their meetings and provide them with the best training and equipment to fit our needs.

In the last four years, were there any improvements made in the cemeteries? Two of our cemeteries haven’t been cleaned up in how long? Were their any improvements on the roads? We have had some easy winters. Our fire department is going to need a new pumper before long. Should we wait until it doesn’t work before we see about replacing it? Is there money in the fire fund to replace the old grass pumper? We are paying our trustees over $10,000 a year to run our township and provide us with good service. Are we getting it?

Dave Gangluff

Townsend Township

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