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Don’t feel sorry for them; they are breaking the law

• Updated Sep 28, 2017 at 11:29 PM

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following letter to the editor was submitted by Jessie Roeder Monroeville.

This letter is in response to the Sept. 9 article in the Reflector by Cary Ashby.

Here we go again. The lawbreakers are once again asking us to feel sorry for them. They have neither fear of nor respect for our laws.

While we citizens are expected to keep the law, they refuse to do so. Feel sorry for them? Absolutely not.

Why would anyone knowingly marry an illegal alien? He is breaking our law.

The Friends of HOLA member David Lima (another community organizer) encourages people to speak to their senators and write letters to the editor. Well, here is my letter, and I have contacted my senators and congressmen.

They also want people to call the sheriff and police and ask them to not ask if they think someone is an illegal alien. In other words, don’t do your job. Also, do not inform ICE.

By the time this letter hits print, I will have talked to both the police and sheriff departments.

They have now formed a court watch group in order to try to intimidate ICE from doing their job.

I say ICE, do your job!

When I get stopped for a traffic violation, I am asked to produce a driver’s license or a Social Security number.

Do you think if a person has neither of these that it may be something a police officer would and should look into? I sure do.

Mr. Lima, if you really want to help these people, sell all you own, move to Mexico and help make changes there. I’m sure these people would rather stay in their own country, and I bet Mexico needs a community organizer a lot more than we do.

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