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I support Maple City Ice and all of the workers

• Sep 25, 2017 at 1:00 PM

The following letter to the editor was submitted by Charles Mack of Plymouth:

In response to the Norwalk Reflector front page article Sept. 12

"Norwalk phenomenally supportive of strikers"

Although the Reflector points out that some people have shown support for the strikers, many many more people support a solution that is equitable to the workers as well the company.

Some of your readers may know and some may not know that "under funded union pension plans are very common across the country. That puts both the participating union members and their company’s in a real pickle.

The plans have been failing due to rapidly decreasing union membership and in some case gross mismanagement of funds. At a this time and in the last few years with the financial markets in their favor the mismanagement is a down right crime.

“Not my business” as they say, but the workers may want to explore the pension plans that the rest of the workers participate in.

I, too have been very negatively impacted by an underfunded union pension plan in my lifetime and it is tough medicine to swallow.

We all benefit from having Maple City in Norwalk.

Maple City is a fine local company run by a family with a lot of integrity and some great folks working their.

I phenomenally support the Hipp family and all the Maple City Workers.

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