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Local man 'very disappointed' with Cleveland Browns

• Aug 24, 2017 at 11:00 AM

NOTE: Joseph Balcerowski of Milan submitted the following letter to the editor, which he said he also sent to the Cleveland Browns organization:

After the antics during the National Anthem of the Monday night game, I believe it is time for the Browns organization to take a strong stand.

During the past few seasons, the team has been performing at a low level. The charades on the field Monday evening will do nothing more than divide the players, the team, the organization and alienate the fans. These disgruntled players are receiving a generous salary in a country that gave them that opportunity.

If they are unappreciative, they should play in a league in a different country. The appeasement of a demand by any ethnic group along with trying to be politically correct is ruining the USA and will surely do the same to the NFL along with the Browns organization. Until the Browns take immediate corrective action, I will no longer have Cleveland Browns games on television or radio in my home or elsewhere. Additionally I will no longer purchase or wear any Browns logo merchandise. Needless to say I will not purchase any tickets to the stadium. You have my contact information.

Please respond within the 48 business hours as promised on your website … if you have the hutzpah. Your actions will tell myself and others what the core values of the Cleveland Browns organization truly are. Thank you for your consideration in this disheartening matter.

Very disappointed.

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