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Norwalk community blessed to have John Flickinger among us

• Jul 12, 2017 at 5:00 PM

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following letter to the editor was submitted by Scott Ford of Norwalk:

Another very successful Fourth of July parade is now in the books. Thousands of people took the opportunity to see a well-organized, interesting, and colorful parade.

I hope that we never forget the hard work that goes into putting on an activity of this nature. The Norwalk Lions’ Club has for years undertaken this task. A committee made up of Lions’ Club members takes on the responsibility of presenting to the community a parade that is unequaled for its quality in the entire county and beyond. In particular, one individual above all others, puts tremendous effort into insuring that our Fourth of July parade is one that we can enjoy and be proud of each year. That person is John Flickinger.

Those who know John are not surprised that he would work so hard on this project. It’s an enormous undertaking that he handles with style and grace. The end product is a credit to the Lions’ Club and the entire community. John takes real pride in the parade. If you were to ask him why the parade is such a success he would mention several people without including himself. Make no mistake about it, John is absolutely critical in making the parade the great success that it is. His organizational skills are second to none. His dedication and pride in the community are on display each and every Fourth of July.

Our community is blessed by having John Flickinger among us.

Due to his efforts the parade remains a community highlight each and every Fourth of July. His hard work is admired, appreciated, and gratefully acknowledged as shown by the thousands of people who line the streets to see what each year’s parade is all about.

Congratulations to John Flickinger and the Norwalk Lions Club for continuing their string of wonderful parades. See you next year.

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