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What a great job done by all to get the wall in Bellevue

• Jul 3, 2017 at 1:48 PM

Hats off to Bellevue brothers Ken and Don Rospert who headed the committee that brought “The Wall That Heals” to our area.

Beginning with the motorcycle escort that traveled through Norwalk and Monroeville, it was awesome to see the Norwalk and Milan fire departments ladder trucks with ladders crossing U.S. 250 in front of the old K-Mart building with a large flag hanging over the center of the road.

The opening ceremony and parade of veterans on Thursday added color and a special feeling for the Vietnam vets. Friday and Saturday also were special with the reading of the four-county KIA list. Seneca, Huron, Erie and Sandusky counties lost a total of 110.

Saturday morning was set aside for anyone interested in learning more about the history of the Vietnam Era and the wall.

On Thursday evening, a candlelight vigil was held. What a beautiful sight to see so many people holding candles.

Saturday all Vietnam Era veterans and family members of deceased were given a remembrance pin.

The closing ceremony on Sunday afternoon was again attended by many veterans and families.

Aside from the wall, the information trailer and other displays was a parking lot filled with Vietnam Era trucks and weapons.

Thanks, Ken and Don, for your several years of work and organization. Also a big thank you to all on the different committees who were instrumental to making this happen.

God bless all of you and “God Bless America.”

Before closing, I would also like to thank the lady (name unknown to me) who came up to me on Sunday and gave me a Red, White and Blue bracelet with “Thank You For Your Service.”


Jim Wasiniak

Vietnam Veteran ‘66 & ‘67

USN Seabees

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