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New York Times reporter digging for controversy

• Jun 25, 2017 at 4:00 PM

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following letter to the editor was sent by Lawrence Cutting of New London.


Well, well, a few weeks ago I received a phone call from a lady who identified herself as a reporter with the New York Times.

She stated she was responsible for reporting on imagrants concerns and she referenced my letter in the Reflector about the migrant worker party in Willard. I was skeptical of her identity at first, thinking it was just someone who wanted to argue my points. But as our conversation progressed I realized she was interviewing me. As I recall her questions, I now realize she was digging for controversy.

She wanted to know if I voted for Trump and how did I feel about him now that he was our president. She asked about my military service. She asked if I would mind if she had a photographer come to my house and take my picture. I told her there were several other veterans from the area who had written to the Reflector on the same subject. She said she would check them out.

I wondered how — until my smarter-than-me-college-grad grandson told me there is a place on the Internet where a person can read any letter to the editor of any paper on any subject. In closing, she told me she thought my letter was very well written, trying to butter me up, I guess.

Never the less I'll take it — not something a high school drop-out like me hears every day.

By the two letters I've now seen in the Reflector, she must have found her controversy. Anyhow, we got Willard and the Norwalk Reflector mentioned in the New York Times.

That's a good thing — I think!

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