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Opportunity knocks; some slam a door

Chris Castle • Apr 19, 2017 at 1:00 PM

An open letter to the future of Norwalk: 

There are 88 counties and 938 incorporated municipalities within the state of Ohio. And let's face it, those 938 cities and villages don't all have the same opportunities. But they do all have the opportunity to be greater tomorrow than they are today. They do all have the opportunity to be better, and to do better, than they did yesterday.

Norwalk always has been a city of opportunity. From the fire sufferers who first settled here, to the Appalachian coal miners who migrated here in the 1950s and 60s (chasing factory and concrete work), to our current Latino population — who came to this city in the hopes that their children would grow up with more opportunity than they themselves did.

Norwalk is a city of opportunity. Where else could a trailer park kid raised by a single mother carve his own path to become one of eight elected council members in a city of 17,000?

The promise and opportunity of this city is evident in the slogans that we’ve employed throughout our history.

Progress is our password. Where tradition meets innovation. These taglines weren't randomly drawn out of a hat; they were earned. They were paid for by the people who came before us so that each generation after could continue to build upon the foundation that they laid.

The opportunity that we were handed in early March has come and gone. The April 4 veto turned “what could be” into “what might've been.” And I’d be lying if I said that I wasn't more than a little disappointed by that fact. But that disappointment isn't enough to dissuade me from helping to create future opportunities.

The city of Norwalk will move forward. We’ll be better tomorrow than we are today and we’ll achieve greater things in the future than we have in the past. I believe this with everything ‚Äčthat I am and with everything that we are.

To those who have stood with us over the past six weeks — don't go sitting down just yet — because there will always be more work to do. And if we learned anything from this, we learned that opening the next window of opportunity is gonna take a hell of a lot of hands.


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