Norwalk Reflector: Boy, 13, collides with car in Norwalk

Boy, 13, collides with car in Norwalk

Zoe Greszler • Updated Apr 15, 2019 at 5:21 PM

A boy was not injured Friday evening when his bicycle collided with a vehicle at the intersection of Schauss Avenue and East Main Street.

Amie C. Homan, 40, of 20 Northwest St., was stopped for the red light at the intersection. She attempted to make a right turn onto East Main Street and collided with an eastbound bicyclist, ridden by Blake A. Myers, 13, of Norwalk. 

Norwalk Police Sgt. Michael Biller said the boy declined to be taken to the hospital.

“He showed the officers where his left arm and left leg was struck during the incident but claimed there were no injuries,” he said. “According to (the report) it was just a light bump if that. She was stopped at the light and had moved forward just a little bit, so she was going under 5 mph, if that.”

Biller said Myers’ bike hit the vehicle’s side, causing a “slight scratch” on the passenger side bumper. He said it’s unknown if the light was red or green when Homan pulled forward. However, no one was charged in the incident.

“I would say it could have been prevented if the cyclist would have stopped on the sidewalk before going into the intersection, to make sure it was clear,” Biller said.

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