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New inmates at the Huron County Jail, Dec. 5

By Norwalk Reflector staff • Updated Dec 6, 2018 at 12:48 PM

Here are pictures and information from the Huron County Jail regarding new inmates for Dec. 5 2018:

Breanna M. M. Boroff, 19, of 1224 E. Peru Olena Road — Possession of drugs — schedule I, II

Sterling E. Burton, 36, of 113 Woodland St., Willard — Possession of drugs — schedule I, II

Tammy R. Jennings, 59, of 1168 W. Main St., Bellevue — Operating a vehicle while impaired (OVI)

Travis L. McDonald, 31, homeless of Willard — Illegal conveyance of drugs into a county institute, theft and breaking & entering

Ethan C. Thomas, 31 East St., New London — Disorderly conduct 

Pamela S. Wagner, 38, of 2756 Ohio 4, Bellevue — Contempt

 * * *

Not pictured because they have already been released from jail:

Noe Barron Jr., 31, of Okla. — Hold for another agency

Breanna L. Young, 22, of 44 N. Pleasant St. — Domestic Violence

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