Norwalk Reflector: Rash of break-ins

Rash of break-ins

Zoe Greszler • Aug 28, 2018 at 2:00 AM

A series of local vehicle break-ins have plagued the city, creating nearly 40 victims in one month. 

Since Aug. 1, at least 38 families have reported thefts after having their vehicles broken into, according to a map provided by the Norwalk Police Department.

“Recently we have had an increase in thefts from motor vehicles,” police said in a recent Facebook post where they shared a map of all the break-ins. “Please do not keep valuables in your vehicles and make sure to keep everything locked no matter what time of day.”

The maps showed residents along Elm Street, Linwood and Norwood avenues and Cherry Street have been especially hit so far.However, the break-ins also extend as far out as Washington Street, Old State Road and out U.S. 250, past Republic Street. 

Chief Mike Conney said while he didn’t know all of what was stolen, he said any of it was too much.

“One vehicle entry is one too many and we’ve had a lot lately,” he said. “Regardless what’s taken it’s still important to the people and it matters to them and so that matters to us.” 

Conney described the thieves as “opportunists” and admonished local residents not give them any unnecessary opportunities to take advantage of. 

“Essentially, these thieves are out looking for an easy target — unlocked vehicles with valuables are pretty easy targets under the cover of darkness,” he said. “Don’t leave anything of valuable in your car. Make sure your windows are up and doors are locked.

“If they try the door handle and if it’s unlocked, they’re going to rummage through and see if there’s anything in your car worth taking. If they don’t see anything and the door’s locked, they don’t have the desire to take the risk of drawing any extra attention to themselves, so they’ll move on.”

Conney said this type of string of activity has happened in the past, but added it had “slowed down quite substantially for a while.”

“Unfortunately it’s picked back up,” he said. “We have a pretty good record of solving these things though and recovering people’s property. ... We’ll solve this.”

Police have asked that all suspicious persons and activity be reported so they can investigate. If possible, try to get a description of the subject(s). To report anything suspicious or to provide information about the recent break ins, call 9-1-1 for emergencies and 419-663-6780 for non-emergencies. All information can be left anonymously.

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