Weird weekend wrap-up: Norwalk police respond to reports of road rage, ghosts and a dog chasing a baseball player

Zoe Greszler • Updated Jun 4, 2018 at 11:31 PM

It was an interesting weekend in Norwalk with police responding to reports of road rage, ghosts and a dog chasing after a boy on his way to baseball practice. 

At about 2:22 p.m. Saturday, a young boy was walking down Adams Street, heading to the VFW baseball diamond, when a dog of an unidentified mixed breed from one of the Adams Street residents began to chase him, according to Norwalk police.

The police report said the boy was attacked. However, Capt. Eric Hipp said the boy came away unharmed. 

“The boy wasn’t actually bitten,”Hipp said. “He had a baseball bat bag and was on his way to play baseball. The dog bit the bag and actually pulled it off of him. But, no, he wasn’t hurt. He was able to get away.”

Hipp said it did not appear the child did anything to provoke the attack.

“The witness said that apparently the boy was just walking by and the dog had gotten away and broken its cable,” he said. “It just chased after the boy and eventually the boy got away.”   

Hipp said the boy ran to the ball diamond, where officers talked with him and a report was filed.

The owner came home and took custody of the dog. No charges have been filed against the pet’s owner. However, the report was sent to law director for consideration of charges, Hipp said. 


Road rage

About an hour later, at 3:15 p.m. police were called to the intersection of Republic Street and Gallup Avenue for a road rage incident. A man was arrested after allegedly threatening two women.

Two women, after leaving the Ernsthausen Recreation Center, were in a vehicle stopped at the traffic light on Republic Street, when a man in another vehicle made a wide turn, worrying them that he might hit their vehicle, police said.

“The car turning on Republic from Gallup almost hit her car, which was stopped, so (the female driver) beeped her horn just to let him know how close he was,” Hipp said. “He stopped the car, got out of the car and started yelling at them and making threats.”

The police captain said the women wrote down what they thought was the man’s license plate number and then called police for assistance after leaving the area. An officer was able to find a vehicle matching the description and plate number a “short time later,” Hipp said. 

The driver accused of road rage was identified as Michael R. Sanders, 31, of Norwalk.

“He admitted to being in an argument with somebody at the intersection, but he denied the threats and denied getting out of the car,” he said. “But he was arrested and charged with menacing.” 

Sanders had been released from jail by Sunday night.


Ghost sighting?

Police were called to investigate an eerie experience in the early morning hours Sunday.

A man called police at about 2:08 a.m., reporting ghost sightings. He told police people were also trying to break into buildings near Jo & Ed’s Carryout, 155 Whittlesey Ave.

Police went to the drive-thru, where they found a Norwalk man suffering from a mental-health complication, Hipp said, adding it appeared the delusions were part of adverse effects of a medication the man was taking. 

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