'Love triangle' leads to assault with baseball bat

Zoe Greszler • Dec 26, 2017 at 4:00 AM

BELLEVUE — A love triangle that turned violent in Bellevue resulted in one man being hospitalized and a woman being sent to prison.

The third party remains behind bars, awaiting to be sentenced next week for his felony conviction.

Bellevue police say the woman lured the father of her children to a secluded place where another man waited with a baseball bat.

Lisa M. Miller, 25, of 294 Southwest St., Bellevue received a two-year prison sentence Dec. 15 in Huron County Common Pleas Court. She previously pleaded guilty to attempted felonious assault after prosecutors agreed to dismiss charges of attempted murder and complicity to felonious assault.

Jordan R. Mellon, 32, of 147 McKim St., Bellevue, pleaded guilty to felonious assault on Nov. 14 after prosecutors agreed to dismiss charges of attempted murder and felonious assault.  Mellon faces two to eight years in prison when he is sentenced Jan.3. He remains in the Huron County Jail, unable to post a $100,000 bond. 

There was “a little bit of a love triangle” between Mellon, Miller and Dustin Gurley, 31, also of Bellevue, said Bellevue Police Sgt. Marc Linder.

“(Miller and Gurley), they were in a sort of relationship and they had kids together,” Linder said. “Then, when he was in prison, she and Mellon, I guess, were together.”

Linder said the cause of the assault is unclear and that Miller “just said they wanted to fight,” but the complicated relationships might have played a part.

On Sept. 1, Miller drove Mellon to the Bellevue reservoir so he could hide while she went to pick up Gurley under the pretense of a private discussion, the sergeant said. 

“She drove (Gurley) out there saying they wanted to talk about stuff,” he said. “Then she gets out of the car and that’s when Mellon surprises him and beats him with a baseball bat and broke his leg.

“Gurley managed to get away and ran into a field to hide. I guess Mellon couldn’t find him and they drove off. Luckily someone heard him yelling for help and found him in the field.”

Linder said Gurley sustained a broken leg and several lacerations to the face, which required staples. He might have suffered a fractured skull as well. 

“I believe he’s doing all right,” Linder said. “But he’s also facing other charges from another case for eluding police.”

In late August, just prior to the assault, Gurley was indicted by Sandusky County grand jury on charges of failing to comply with police orders and receiving stolen property. He later pleaded guilty to failure to comply in exchange for the other charge being dismissed.

Gurley was due to be sentenced Dec. 19. However, court records do not provide the results of that hearing. 

Miller was charged with complicity because she did not actually beat Gurley, according to police reports. She “helped set up the victim” and “sat there” while Mellon assaulted the victim, “then drove off without seeking help,” Linder said.

The investigation was “an easy one,” Linder added, since Gurley knew his attackers and was able to identify them.

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