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Man found not guilty of pointing loaded gun at Mr. Billstine

• May 10, 2019 at 8:00 PM

Here are the top stories in The Norwalk Evening Herald on this date in 1907:


Man found not guilty of pointing loaded gun at Mr. Billstine

Justice J.M. Bechtol yesterday afternoon discharged Frank Eker, arrested at the instance of William Billstine, who charged Eker with pointing a loaded shot gun at him.

The testimony disclosed the fact that there has been some feeling between the two families for some time and threats and counter threats had been made prior to the trouble that brought about the suit. The testimony was also conflicting as to whether Eker really pointed the gun at Billstine.


Scrap enlivens circus parade

A lively scrap occurred on East Main Street about 11 o’clock this morning in front of the Wheaton Hotel on East Main Street while the circus parade was passing that point in which two Norwalk men, a circus employee and the police were participants. Too free indulgence in liquor was responsible for the trouble.

Opinions vary as to the responsibility for the fight, but the two local men were arrested after receiving several jolts by the show man and a tussle with the police, in which they also came out second best. The best information is to the effect that the two Norwalk men were making disparaging remarks about the people in the parade, particularly the women, when a showman of good size and strength came along on foot. He heard one or two remarks when he gave one of the fellows a shove. This was resented, of course, when the showman landed a stiff blow which felled his man. Another blow put the second citizen down. More slugging might have been indulged in but frightened people in that vicinity began to cry “police,” and the showman jumped on a wagon and rode away from the scene of the trouble before the officers could arrive.

Officers Adelman and Ward were soon at the scene and proceeded to place the two belligerents under arrest. The fight had not been taken entirely out of the two men and they proceeded to dispute the right of the police to take them to the station, when Chief Remington arrived on the scene. The men came out second best in this round, also. Several blows were exchanged, however, and the mangled forms of two derby hats, the property of Officer Adelman and one of the belligerents are still lying in the street where they fell during the melee.

The affair was a disgraceful one and was witnessed by many women and children who thronged the street in the locality where the trouble occurred.


Gets present form Mrs. McKinley

Rev. Dr. T.F. Hildreth has received from Mrs. McKinley an excellent photo of the martyred president, a return courtesy for a copy of the new book just issued by the doctor entitled “Poems of the Home.”

The Doctor sent a copy of his first book, “Poems of the Heart,” to Mr. McKinley before he was cut down by the hand of the assassin and received in reply a beautiful letter -— just such a one as the noble hearted McKinley was capable of writing.


Epworth League elects officers

The Epworth League held its annual business meeting at the Methodist Church last evening, at which the following officers were elected for the ensuing year: Ralph Osborne, president; Herbert Kennedy, 1st vice president; Fern Cronk, 2nd vice president; Winifred Starbird, 3rd vice president; Pearl Sholes, 4th vice president; Lewis Ronk, secretary; Sary Ronk, treasurer; Fred Fink, chorister; and Grace Lehentaler, pianist.


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