Norwalk Reflector: Affair Friday night most enjoyable one ever given by commercial body

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Affair Friday night most enjoyable one ever given by commercial body

• Apr 16, 2019 at 8:00 PM

Here are the top stories in The Daily Reflector on this date in 1911:


Affair Friday night most enjoyable one ever given by commercial body

The annual banquet of the Chamber of Commerce, held in the assembly room of the Presbyterian Church Friday evening, was the most enjoyable and successful affair of the kind that Norwalk’s commercial organization has ever given. From the time the serving of the sumptuous dinner was started shortly after 7 o’clock, until the last speaker concluded his address, enjoyment and comradeship reigned supreme.

The large gathering of men was made up of the representative industrial, commercial and professional men of the city, together with a large number of guests from other cities and towns, including representatives from the commercial organizations of Ashland, Bellevue, Chicago Junction, Greenwich, New London, Monroeville, Milan and Sandusky. The rural district surrounding the city also was largely represented...

...After the last plates had been removed from the tables, which was not done until the appetite of all the guests had been more than satisfied, and after cigars had been lighted, President Venus of the Chamber of Commerce made a short address, in which he extended the Chamber’s welcome to its guests and briefly outlined some of the things that have been accomplished by the Chamber since it was organized.

“It would be a good thing if the Chamber of Commerce could bring more factories to Norwalk,” said the president in part. “The Chamber has tried to do so and its committees have done an immense amount of work in investigating propositions that have been received from concerns seeking locations here. A majority of those propositions have been found to be impracticable, however, because of the large bonuses that have been demanded.

The president declared that there are other matters just as important for the Chamber to consider as that of new industries, such as the questions of taxation, insurance, good roads, etc., and for that reason every man in Norwalk who has the welfare of the city at heart should become a member of the Chamber of Commerce. The president then introduced Ben. B. Wickham as the toastmaster of the evening.


Motorcyclists form club

At an enthusiastic meeting of the motorcyclists of this city, held in Fred Keeler’s repair shop on Whittlesey Avenue Friday evening, an organization was effected by the the election of the following named officers;
President, Clyde Haskell; Secretary, Walter C. Pressing; Road Captain, Forrest Krespach.

It was decided to call the organization the Norwalk Motorcycle Club, and it is expected that eventually the club will become affiliated with the Federation of American Motorcyclists. There were sixteen motorcylcists present at the meeting, of which number fifteen reside in Norwalk and the other one in Monroeville.


Sixteen given certificates

The following is a list of those who successfully passed the examination recently conducted by the county board of examiners in this city and who received certificates to teach in the public schools.

For one year — Theodore Roth, Charles W. Lewis, Frank B. Williams, Dora M. Arnet, Ethel B. Jeffrey, Nellie Bittinger, Vera L. Wright, Lula Brobst, Marion Michetll, Bertha S. Hall, Ruby F. Houty, Elizabeth Coit, Mabel Cook and Ruth E. White.

For two years — John A. Brobst, renewal, and Marjorie Loomis.


Was peddling without a license

Eugene Teach, twenty years old, who claims to reside in Cleveland, was arrested Friday evening at about 9 o’clock by Patrolman Adelman on a charge of selling without a license. The young man’s stock in trade consisted of small bottles of perfume, which, according to a long distance telephone message from Bucyrus Saturday, had been turned over to him by a woman named Mrs. Jones in Bucyrus.

After his arrest it was learned that Teach owed a board bill at one of the local hotels, which bill he cannot pay as he had only five cents in money in his pockets when he was arrested. Teach’s father, whose name he gave, has been notified of the young man’s arrest, as also has Mrs. Jones in Bucyrus, but up to 3 o’clock Saturday afternoon nothing had been heard from them here.


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