Norwalk Reflector: Blast from the Past

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Blast from the Past

• Apr 10, 2019 at 8:00 PM

Here are the top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on this date 103 years ago:


Stop in His shop tomorrow (Easter); give Him a trial

If you had lived in Nazareth when Jesus worked at the bench with Joseph, and you wanted a door sill mended or a shelf put up, you’d have stopped in His shop or sent for Him.

And He would have done the work you wanted done.

Well, He still is a carpenter, and still ready and waiting to work for you, when you need His service.

He knows how to mend broken spirits and fix up worn souls and bodies, so they’re as good as new. He can take used material -- even misused materials -- and do wonders with it.

And instead of one shop, as in Nazareth, He now has thousands of shops in this land -- a dozen right here in Norwalk.

Every church is a branch shop of Jesus the Carpenter, Mender of Men; Helper to Happiness.

Suppose you stop in at one of His branch shops tomorrow and see if he can’t mend some hurt in your soul, or solve your problem, or come to your house and stop the rattling panes of discontent or mend the leaks of happiness.

Don’t let prejudice or hearsay keep you away. He is a great workman and never leaves a job unfinished if you’ll give Him a fair show.

Are you going to church tomorrow?


Baby fooled physicians

Donald, the year and one-half-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer E. Harrison of Minard Place, has been ill for a month or more with an ailment that baffled the skill of physicians.

A cough and choking sensation had been diagnosed by several physicians as mumps and indigestion, but treatment for these diseases was gradually losing ground and physicians were changed several times in hopes that one would be able to give relief.

Last week another change was made in physicians. He took a different view of conditions and declared it was his belief the child was suffering from worms. Accordingly, he gave medicine that would remedy this condition. Saturday, the child passed an open safety pin an inch and one-half in length.


Leaves all to daughters

By the terms of the will of Mrs. Mary P. Wilson, mother of Mrs. C.A. Paul of this city, the latter is willed one third of an estate valued at $400,000 to $500,000. The remaining portion of the estate with the exception of a few minor bequests is divided equally between two other daughters, Mrs. Mable Wilson Stearns and Mrs. Annabelle Wilson Nobles, of Cleveland.

It is a stipulation of the will that no part of the money of her estate be given to or loaned to the husbands of her three daughters, nor invested in companies in which they are interested.


Brighten up day is on the way

No. Director of Public Service A.W. Carpenter has not forgotten that the city conducts spring cleaning each year. He is simply waiting for settled weather so the work will not have to be done twice.

In the spring of each year the city teams make a tour over the city picking up the winter’s accumulation of tin cans and other rubbish when placed at the curb.

This work is not performed until after the dirt streets have been scraped, as it makes the scraping more difficult when rubbish is placed on these streets before the scraping is done.


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