Norwalk Reflector: Study revealed at meeting here by state officials

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Study revealed at meeting here by state officials

• Updated Apr 10, 2019 at 9:54 AM

Here are the top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on this date in 1958.

Study revealed at meeting here by state officials

Norwalk may still get a relocation of Rts. 18 and 20 off Main Street.

And there’s also the possibility that Rt. 18 may still be in the plans as part of the nation’s interstate highway system (Editor’s note: it looks like that’s not going to pan out).

These encouraging omens came to light at a meeting attended by more than 60 area residents held last night in the Council Chamber sponsored by W.R. Hauserman, deputy director, Division No. 3, State Highway Department, with headquarters at Ashland. 


Armed with degree, 20 years as policeman, to seek new career

Captain Phil Pickett, one of the few police officers in northern Ohio with a college diploma, ends one career next Tuesday and hopes to start another shortly thereafter.

Mr. Pickett, following 20 years of service, retires on pension from the Norwalk Police Department, but being only 49 years of age, he has no intention of starting a life of indolence.

“This, I hope, will be the time for me to cash in on that sheepskin,” he commented at the police station, where he was busy typing out a report...

...Mr. Pickett, a 1927 graduate of St. Paul High, attended Notre Dame University for three terms and transferred to the University of Pittsburgh, where he received his degree in 1922.

Prior to joining the local force, he had a score of jobs, none of which offered anything in the way of a career.

Mr. Pickett resides with his family, including his wife, Agnes, and a daughter, Sally, at 53 E. League St. A son, Phil Jr., is a third year student at Kent State University, and another daughter, Lynne, is a student at the Mercy School of Nursing, Toledo.

Mr. and Mrs. Pickett plan an extended vacation trip through the west before Mr. Pickett launches his second career.


Helen Lippert named to head women’s unit

Helen Lippert, City Auditor, was elected president of the new Women’s Division of the Norwalk Chamber of Commerce at its meeting last night in the Chamber offices.

Other new officers are : Catherine Murray, first vice president, and Mary L. Becker, second vice president. Designated to represent the Division on the Chamber’s senior board of directors were Edith Bennet, Dorothy Mack and Eileen Gfell.


To Colonel — a last salute

Colonel — a figure once familiar to all Norwalkians — has passed from the scene forever.

For more than a decade until his retirement several years ago, no parade in this area was ever complete unless it was headed by the high-stepping golden Palomino with the silvery mane and tail. At the County Fairs, it was Colonel who headed the processions of race horses before the grandstand at the start of every race.

During most of these years he was the official mount of Dr. Harry Fulstow, who had developed a great attachment for the handsome horse when he was first acquired and brought here by Joe E.Dudley. The doctor continued to ride Colonel for several years after he became the property of J.F. Lederer.

Age, then estimated at 30 years, ended the Colonel’s parade career several years ago. Since then, until his death last Friday, he enjoyed a well earned rest browsing serenely with Pedro, a gentle burro, as a companion in the Lederer’s pasture on Christie St. 

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