Norwalk Reflector: Automobile crashes against tractor

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Automobile crashes against tractor

• Sep 13, 2018 at 8:00 PM

Sept. 14, 1919

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on this date in 1919:


Automobile crashes against a tractor

When George H. Lydy, Mr. Holtz, Walter Mehring, Raymond Wheeler and Perry Palmer were on their way to Norwalk Monday night to practice in the Knights Templar band, they crashed into Ningle’s tractor near Sharick’s farm on the Steuben Road, says the Willard Times.

George was at the wheel driving his Nash Sedan. The searchlight on the tractor flashed into his face and he turned out on his side of the road, not knowing that the searchlight on the tractor was on the opposite side from an automobile, and in fact supposed it was an automobile.

The location of the light caused George to misjudge the space in which to pass, and he crashed into the tractor head on.

His car was badly wrecked and the occupants shaken up and bruised. Palmer and Mehring, quite badly.  Had they been driving rapidly, the results certainly would have been serious.


Fisher Body stock makes wild flight

Fisher Body stock has made a remarkable showing on the New York Stock Exchange within the last few days. It swung upward 22 points to 135 on Friday and appears in a remarkably strong position.

A number of Norwalk people are heavily interested in this stock and as is generally known, the organizers of the big concern are Norwalk men.


Look pleasant please; camera snaps Tuesday

Tomorrow afternoon at 4:30 all the women of Huron County who took part in the W.S.S. Campaign, will meet at the Norwalk Public Library. At that time a group picture is to be taken for the Huron County Honor Roll.

As this was one of the most successful undertakings in war work of the women of the county, it will be a mark of distinction to be numbered among the members of this group. The expense of the photograph is being paid by the Huron County War Savings Committee. The people of the county are very grateful to these women who have made it possible for Ohio to continue to lead all the states of the union in the sale of the “world’s best investment,” War Savings Stamps.


Young people leave for college

With the approach of autumn many of the young people of the city are preparing to enter college while others expect to continue their studies at one or the other of colleges of the land. The annual exodus from the city to centers of learning, has begun.

The Misses Lorna Barnes, Ruth Ryan and Eunice Heston will leave tomorrow for Oberlin, where they will take up first year work in the college there. Miss Fannie Gregory and Miss Florence Hoyt entered the business college at that place about two weeks ago.

The Misses Pauline Moss, Margaret Kirk and Isabelle Hakes will enter Western Reserve at Cleveland  at the opening of the fall term. They will leave this city Saturday, Sept. 20.

The Misses Mary Prechtol, Sylvia Cooper and Francis Beaver will leave Tuesday, Sept. 23, for Painesville where they will enter the Lake Erie College. The Misses Charlotte Jones and Corinne Prentiss will continue there studies there this year, leaving Norwalk on the same day.

William Prechtol and Mark Miles returned to their studies at Ohio State University last week. Miss Margaret Gerold and Charles Stewart entered the opening of the fall term. Miss Marian Cook and Lane Barton left today for Columbus to take up their work at O.S.U.

Miss Mildred Funnell left Saturday for Syracuse, N.Y., where she entered the University there.

Miss Lucille Wilson left today for Battle Creek, Mich., where she will take up a course in dietician in the school in connection with the sanitarium there.

The Misses Cornelia Merritt and Margaret Anderson will leave tomorrow evening for Aurora, N.Y., where they will continue their college work at Wells College.

F. Englebert Link and Howard Fisher have already taken up their work at Notre Dame University.

Miss Alice Snyder will leave Thursday for Northampton, Mass., where she will continue her studies at Smith College. Miss Susan Benedcit, dean at Smith College, left today for Northampton. Miss Lucy Wickham has already left for Smith.

Ammong young men from this city who will go to Kenyon this year are Allen Chester, Louis Carrabelli, Andrew Jerpe, Robert Allen, Raymond Harkness, Thomas Eggert and Donald Baird.

Frederick Williams, who has been attending the summer school at Harvard, will continue his studies there this fall.

Donald Allen and Otis Williams will leave the latter part of this month for Cornell University at Ithaca, N.Y.

Ford Merritt will leave Monday, Sept. 22, for New Haven, Conn., where he will take up his senior studies at Yale.

Miss Nathalie Wilson will leave the city Wednesday to take up here school work at Wellesly College.

Miss Dorothy Taylor will enter Fairmont Seminary at Washington, D.C., October 1. She will be accompanied to Washington by her mother, Mrs. Charlotte Taylor, who will remain there for several months.

Kenneth WIldman left Sunday for Granville, O., where he will continue his studies at Dennison College.

Elbert Wildman and Burton Chandler will leave Tuesday for the same college.


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— Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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