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The Firelands pioneers

• Jul 13, 2018 at 8:00 PM

July 13, 1892 

The top stories in The Evening Herald on this date in 1892:


Annual meeting of the Firelands Historical Society

The annual meeting of the Firelands Historical Society was called to order in the court room this morning by President G.T. Stewart, and prayer was offered by Rev. J.H. Pitezel. Mrs. McLeon then sang “America,” the audience joining heartily in the chorus.

An amendment to article six of the constitution providing that anyone paying 50 cents shall become a member of the society and be entitled to a copy of the Pioneer, was adopted. The amount has heretofore been one dollar.

C.H. Gallup, chairman of the entertainment committee, then reported that a free dinner would be furnished all non-resident members of the society at the St. Charles Hotel.

On motion, the following committee was appointed on nomination of officers for the ensuing year: P.N. Schuler, J.D. Easton. H.P. Starr, J.M. Whiton and C.B. Stickney.

Rev. J.H. Pitezel then, in a neat and appropriate speech, presented to the society a portrait of Henry Howe, the historian of Ohio, which was unanimously accepted with thanks.

The committee on nominations reported the following names; President, G.T. Stewart; First Vice President, H.P. Starr; Second Vice President, J.D. Easton; Recording Secretary, F.H. Jones; Corresponding Secretary, James G. Gibbs; Treasurer, C.W. Manahan; Biographer, F.R. Loomis; Librarian, C.H. Gallup; Directors and Trustees, C.H. Gallup, S.A. Wildman, F.R. Loomis, G.W. Clary, J.M. Whiton.


Base ball

Kahn & Co.’s ball team will play the New London team at the Fair Grounds Thursday afternoon, July 14th. Both teams are composed of good material and promise to put up a good game. 

Turn out and give them a good attendance. Buses will run from the Court House Corner to accommodate all those desiring to see a good game of ball. The grand stand will open to those who desire it. Game called at 3:30 p.m.



The weather during last week was splendid for hay purposes and farmers generally improved it to good advantage in that line. Some have commenced cutting wheat but the present will be the week for harvesting wheat in this locality.

Jay Washburn met with a quite a painful accident while pitching hay last Friday with a horse fork. The fork became detached form the rope and falling struck him in such a manner as to force one of the tines clear through one of his legs close to the bone. Dr. R.H. Reynolds of Greenwich, dressed the wound.


City Board of Education

All members were present Tuesday evening.

Prof. W.P. Thurston of Ashland College, Ashland, Ohio, was elected principal of the Norwalk High School at a salary of $800.

Miss Miller Cline was elected a substitute teacher in the lower grades.

Charles Hiler was re-elected truant officer at a salary of $200.

All the janitors now employed were re-engaged at the same pay as last year with the proviso that they are subject to removal at any time without notice.

Several minor matters were also disposed of.



Miss Lottie Kent of East Norwalk is slowing recovering form her illness

* * *

Mrs. C.E. Todd and daughter Marian have returned from New York, having visited friends in Brooklyn and Ocean Grove. Mrs. Todd with her family are now located for the remainder of the summer months on North Pleasant Street, where they will be pleased to meet their friends.

* * *

The Ladies’ Branch of the Iron Hall held a social Tuesday evening at the Grand Army Hall. Nearly two hundred people were in attendance. Cake and ice cream were served, and the Norwalk orchestra was present and discoursed some of their sweetest music.

* * *

Ed Williams, wife and child, the Misses Morehouse, and Misses Fannie and Mary Parker, Mrs. J.W. Foster and Mrs. C.M. Hinkley are spending the day at Ruggles Beach.


Coming Saturday — July 14, 1892: A pleasant trip along a pleasant thoroughfare

— Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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