Norwalk Reflector: Celebration of the 4th of July

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Celebration of the 4th of July

• Jul 3, 2018 at 8:00 PM

The week of July 1, 1857


The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector this week in 1857:


Celebration of the 4th of July

The Committee of Arrangements heretofore appointed by the old settlers to take charge of the Pioneer Celebration have entered upon their duties with a determination which indicates a glorious time coming.

They tender a special invitation to all soldiers of the Revolution, War of 1812, and to all Drummers and Fifers throughout the “Fire Lands.” The Fire Companies of Norwalk are invited to turn out in their uniform and for the attendance of the Brass Bands of Norwalk and Monroeville solicited.

In addition to previous arrangements, the Genral Committee have added the following: Reader of the Declaration of Independence, Dr. G.G. Baker; Chaplains, Rev. Alfred Betts, Rev. Conger; Chief Marshal, John H. Foster.

Messrs. Daniel Hamilton, Alfred Minuse and E. Andrews were appointed a general Committee for Milan, Erie County, to make such arrangements as they deem proper on the part of their citizens, in attending the celebration.

Committee on Flags: Charles Wickham, Caleb H. Gallup.

A general program will be distributed immediately. Young America is also wide awake, and will use some extra gas in sending up several balloons. 

All right! Hail Columbia!


The concert

The Concert of the Bakers on Tuesday evening last, was slimly attended, owing mainly no doubt to the rain storm which arose about the Concert hour. The singing was excellent; better we thought, than usual. Their programme was well selected and they sang with spirit.

They said in one of their songs, that they were “Yankees,” and we have further evidence of this, in a specimen of “whittling,: by John C. He presented us on Wednesday morning with a very ingenious and curious piece of workmanship. It is a wooden pincers cut from a solid pine block, as he said, and as we do not doubt from its appearance. It’s joints seem to be as perfect as it is possible to make them. It is hardly credible that so perfect a thing could have been made in the manner it was. We have it in our office, where the curious can inspect it.


Court proceedings

Frank Ball and Mr. Hills were tried and convicted at the recent term of the Court of Common Pleas for this county, of a violation of the liquor law. They were sentenced each to ten days imprisonment in the County Jail, to pay a fine of twenty dollars and costs. Jacob Reemer was tried for the same offence and aquitted.

The case of the State against Bush, indictment for selling liquor, was continued on account of the absence of a witness for the state.

In the case of the state against Hall, who is charged with stealing a pair of horses and carriage belonging to William Thompson of Townsend township, the Jury failed to agree. Hall has been in jail some time, and unless bailed out, must remain till the next term of the Court.

The suit between Messr.s Andrews & Heacock and Elijah Bills, respecting certain sheep, said to have been purchased of the latter, was tried and resulted in a verdict for the plaintiff of $25. Both parties gave notice of appeal. 



Master Ralph Osborn, son of J.R. Osborn, presented us with a bowl of fine, ripe strawberries on Wednesday last, the production of his father’s garden. Thank you, Ralph; you are a thoughtful lad.


— Compiled by Andy Prutsok


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