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A grammar commencement

• Jun 9, 2018 at 12:00 AM

June 9, 1897

The top stories in The Daily Reflector on this date in 1897:


List of the 42 girls and 28 boys who will graduate Thursday

The annual commencement of the two A grammar schools of Norwalk will be held Thursday afternoon at 1:45 o’clock in School hall, in charge of Miss Greene and Miss Simpson, the two very efficient teachers of that department.

The list of graduates who will receive certificates admitting them next fall to the high school includes 42 girls and 28 boys.

A very interesting program has been prepared for the occasion and the public is invited to attend and enjoy the literary and musical features of the affair, and see as bright a lot of boys and girls as can be found anywhere.

Girls: Mable Close, Edith Fairchilds, Mamie Flood, Elsie Husted, Bessie Hill, Ella Hicok, Ana Hack, Helen Homes, Sadie Kramer, Eva Moore, Ethel Osbourne, Olive Osborn, Florence Peral, Bessie Price, Cleo Seaton, Gertrude Suhr, Sadie Wheeler, Myrtle Welday, Myrtle White, Mary Farber, Daisy Gilson, Ella Krock, Dora Schafer, Eleanor Butler, Ada Beechy, Maud Conklin, Jennie Consideine, Louisa Herber, Nettie Husted, Bessie Moore, Helen Maginn, Lucy Myers, Lillian Newman, Janie Phillips, Clara Roscoe, Dora Snyder, Mary Snable, Bessie Somers, Edith TIllson, Agnes Woodward, Dora Willsey, Nina Wilcox.

Boys: Irving Bragdon, Ray Baker, Royal Chisholm, Walker Dahlhoter, Louis Ernst, Will Fox, Charles Goodnow, Frank Hotchkiss, Fred Howe, John Leahy, Carl Messner, Arthur Messner, Roy Noble, Ralph Orr, Con Parker, Burton Stark, Robert Schafer, Roy Staff, James Wood, Gaylord White, Earl Day, James McCoy, Norton Mears, Edward Smith, Warren Whitney, Alto Cold, Frank Hatch, Larry Mears.


A new county road

The commissioners today located a new road in East Norwalk, running south from the East Main Street pike to the Perrin stone quarry, then south to the old stone school house on the old Keeler Road. The new road is about a mile long and will be a great convenience. Mr. Wm. Perrin is to be commended for standing by the new road until it was ordered.


Declines the office

Mr. C.H. Gallup, who was elected treasurer of the proposed street fair, declines to accept the office. He said to the Reflector today that he believed the street fair ought not to be held this year under all the circumstances, and that he thought it was a mistake to endeavor to have such a fair at this time.


Clarksfield reunion

The 80th anniversary of the first settlement of the township of Clarksfield will be celebrated by a pioneer reunion picnic at the village of Clarksfield on Wednesday, June 23d, 1897. All who are interested in Clarksfield are cordially invited to attend.


Teachers for the next year

All members of the board of education were present Tuesday evening to discuss the question of teachers for the next year. Three vacancies were reported, every other old teacher having expressed an intention to teach the coming year, provided re-elected by the board. The three who retire are Miss Estelle Wood, Miss Grace Evans and Miss Minnie Stoughton.

The full list of teachers elected with the salary of each, is as follows:

High school, James E. Cole, principal, $950; Miss Lecta Miller, $700; Miss Clara R. Donaldson, $550; and Miss Susan Benedict, $550.

Grammar and primary: Miss Aurilla Greene, $550; Miss Flora Simpson, $500; Miss Minnie Cleghorn, $500; Miss Nellie Hughes, $500; Miss Fannie States, $450; Miss Fannie Hazzard, $450; Miss Franc Husted, $450; Miss Alice Cooke, $425; Miss Edith Baker, $425; Miss Blanche Armstrong, $400; Miss Emma Evans, $400; Miss May Lawrence, $400; Miss Lida Ringle, $400; Miss Phoebe Smith, $400; Miss Lida Watson, $400; Miss Lulu Webb, $400; Miss Florence Kellogg, $400; Miss Sara Knapp, $400; Miss Fannie King, $400; Miss Clara R. Johnson, $400; Miss Mildred Cline, $400; Miss Pearl Mason, $300.


Coming Monday: June 11, 1897: Death statistics

— Compiled by Andy Prutsok


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