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Very strict rules issued by the Catholic bishop

• Jun 8, 2018 at 8:00 PM

June 8, 1897

The top stories in the Norwalk Daily Reflector on this date in 1897:


Very strict rules issued by the Catholic bishop of Cleveland

In view of the approaching season for picnics, excursions and similar events, Bishop Horstmann has just issued the following to the people of this diocese:

The Rt. Rev. Bishop directs the attention of the reverend rectors and pastors, and the Catholic societies, to the subjoined rules governing picnics, excursions, etc. in the diocese of Cleveland:

First. Societies that are organized for beneficial purposes, and whose benefits are confined to their own members, or societies that are organized for private ends and interests, cannot be permitted to appeal to the public by picnics, excursions, festivals, suppers, lectures, etc. to raise funds for their own private use and benefit. Public appeals must be for public charities and societies cannot be permitted to appeal to the public except where the moneys so raised are to be used for, and in the interest of, some public charity.

Second. All kinds of round dancing, night dancing, dancing in halls or ballrooms for the purpose of raising money for church purposes or public charities, are strictly and unqualifiedly forbidden.

Third. The sale of wine, beer or any other kind of intoxicating liquors at church picnics, excursions, festivals, suppers, etc. is strictly forbidden and will not be permitted under any case or pretense whatsoever.

Fourth. Moonlight excursions, picnics continued to nightfall, meetings of the people where morals or good behavior are endangered are also strictly forbidden.

Fifth. Before any picnic or excursion whether for church or society purposes may be held, the written permission of the ordinary must be obtained.


A narrow escape

Reginald Harrington was accidentally shot in the side yesterday by Fred Howe, while the two boys (who are each about 12 years old) were shooting frogs along the creek. The bullet struck one of young Harrington’s ribs and glancing, came out without inflicting a serious wound. Many boys who are permitted to have fire arms are entirely too careless in the use of the dangerous weapons.


Huron County saloons

Following is a list of saloons in Huron County, as returned by the assessors to the county auditor:

Havana Village: J.L. Miller, J.H. Mall; Bellevue: Jacob Hasselbach, Reinhard Hensler, W.A. Doerner, Anthony P. Hasselbach, F. Segna, Riley Purcells, W.H. Brugger, Julius Baur, S.H. Cook, F.W. Heim, E.V. Dangeleisen, W.H. Erdrich; Chicago: C.P. Heilman, W.M. Motson, Tim Mulheran, Julius Hagerman, Joseph Casper, Philipena Schuck, John Sweeney, Frank Troutwine, Josiphena Schriner; Plymouth:  C.A. Hamilton; Monroeville, G.Hess, Meyers Bros., Louis Stein; New London: W.O. Spalding, C.H. Knowlton, E.E. Phillips; Norwalk: The Rynn-Mullin Supply Co, Julia Hirbe, George Gfell, John Casper, Theresa Ott, John Lieber, Green & Patrick, Joseph Miller, George Lais, W.H. Benson, Nick Smith, Mrs. Mike Cook, admx, Frank Zipfel, Mart Motter, J.P. Link, Joseph Stoll, Wm. Schick, S.D. Martin, Hug & Cook, Leonard Cook.


Tremendous berries

Those large round objects in the show case at the Reflector office are not big red apples, they are strawberries of the Haverland variety, raised by our townsman, S. Gray, in his garden on East Main Street. The largest berry measures 5 1/2 inches in circumference and even the smallest one measures 4 3/4 inches around it.

Now if you have any bigger berries than Mr. Gray’s, trot ‘em out!


Coming Saturday — June 9, 1897: A grammar commencement

— Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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