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Teachers' certificates

• May 3, 2018 at 8:00 PM

May 3, 1890


The top stories in the Norwalk Daily Reflector on this date in 1890:


Teachers’ certificates

The Norwalk examination of April 26th has caused the issuance of certificates to the following named persons:

36 months, Sherman N. Geary, Olena; 12 months, Bertha L. McCrillis, Milan; Gertie Wheeler, Chciago; Josie L. Steele, Wakeman; Nettie P. Steele, Wakeman; Edith B. Beelman, Plymouth; Belle Robinson, Havana; Lois R. Mead, Greenwich; Pamis Tucker, Fitchville; Minnie B. Thompson, Greenwich; Alice Cherry; Fred M. Chaffee, Norwalk; Elbert C. French, Wakeman; Geo. H. Holden; Loise P. McCord, Ripleyville; Lewis Lawrence, Norwalk; and Roy H. Williams, Berlin Heights.


Stone throwing

A number of boys are in the habit of throwing stones at dwellings on West Seminary Street and using sling shots. The residents of that street are very much annoyed, thereby and have made complaints to the Mayor. They dislike to have the boys arrested but they certainly will do so unless the practices mentioned are discontinued.


Careless rifle use

Complaint is made of the careless use of Flobert rifles by small boys on the streets. It is reported from some parts of the city that boys have become so careless that people instead of sparrows are liable to be shot. The matter suggest attention from authorities.


For the new Catholic church

A fine entertainment will be given next Wednesday, May 7th, at Music Hall, by some of the best musical talent of the city, the proceeds being for the benefit of the building fund of the new St. Paul’s Catholic Church.

The merit of the entertainement, and the cause for which it is given, will undoubtedly result in an overflowing house on the occasion, and the adding of a large sum to the new church building fund.


The oratorical contest

Next week Wednesday evening occurs the annual oratorical contest at Wellington. Much interest is being manifested in the result, and quite a number of persons will go from here.

Norwalk sends Ben B. WIckham and Gertrude E. Rule; Bellevue sends John S. Williams and Grace Carpenter; Plymouth sends S.S. Seaton and Edith Shield.


Coming Friday — May 4, 1890: Suppress them

— Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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