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4 pulled from river

• Mar 2, 2018 at 8:00 PM

March 2, 1965

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector on this date 52 years ago:


4 pulled from river

Four people were rescued from their car before it sunk beneath the Huron River ice Monday night by two area men. The rescue had overtimes of “I don’t want to get involved.”

Dean Howard, 27, Reflector circulation manager, and Robert Barnes, 21, of Huron, pulled the Fremont and New Jersey couples to safety from the river within ten minutes after the car crashed onto the ice near the Twine House restaurant in Huron about 7 p.m.

Howard lay suspended form the bank over the ice his feet held by several unidentified persons, and his hands on the car, seven feet offshore. He pulled the occupants from the ice to the shore where Barnes pulled them from the water.

Rescued were Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Risley of Fremont and Mr. and Mrs. Willard Schweinfurth of Rovertown, N.J. They had attended the funeral of Schweinfurth’s and Mrs. Risley’s mother. The Howards had gone to the Twine House observe their seventh wedding anniversary.


‘Unsinkable set in Willard’

WILLARD — Richard Morris and Meredith Wilson’s Broadway hit, “The Unsinkable Molly Brown,” has been chosen for the Willard High School’s spring musical

Sophomore Holly Stone will play the title role. Other leading roles are Bill Laichas as “Leadville” Johnny Brown; Tom Schodorf as Michael Tobin; Ray Funk as Aloysius Tobin; Bob Lohr as Patrick Tobin; Mike VanVierah as Shamum Tobin; Greg Thompson as Father Flynn; Dan Bleclic as Christmas Margan; and Ann Frederick as Mrs. McGlone. Supporting roles will be Tom Adams as Monsignor Ryan; Dan Link as Roberts; Jackie Bauerle as Germaine; Doug Smeltz as Prince Delong and Barbara Brown as Mrs. Wadlington.


Flyers rally falls too short

It wasn’t Monroeville’s fast break that caused the St. Paul Flyers’ downfall Monday evening in the finals of the Willard Class A Sectional. It was mainly their rebounding strength combined with a poor eleven-point second quarter by the Saints.

Monroeville has beaten the Flyers twice during the regular season but the Saints gave them a real run for it Monday.

A photo accompanying the story showed Monroeville’s 6-4 center Tom Eberly in the process of taking a rebound away from Norwalk St. Paul’s Bob Schumm, while Flyers Charles Amato and Ron Boose looked on.


Beiler named to 3rd term

Edgar Beiler, Bellevue, was elected to his third term on the Huron County Board of Health by the District Advisory Council meeting at the Department of Health office Monday afternoon.

Beiler, a farmer, is now president of the board.

Clayton Bick, Norwalk Township trustee, was re-elected council chairman, and Robert Martin, Townsend Township trustee, was elected treasurer.


Coming Friday — March 3, 1965: New zoning ordinance read

— Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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