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Last words before the great lot sale begins

• Feb 10, 2018 at 8:00 PM

Feb. 10, 1901 

The top stories in the Norwalk Daily Reflector on this date in 1901:


This will locate the Norwalk steel plant and make greater Norwalk a reality 

The sale of the 500 Norwalk steel plant lots Monday morning will begin at 9 o'clock and will continue without intermission all day and evening until all buyers for the day have been satisfied. Should there be any lots then unsold, business will begin again Tuesday morning and will continue from day to day until the 500 lots are sold.

The whole number lots must and shall be sold!

By authority of the steel company The Reflector is able to say that the purchase of the 500 lots absolutely insures the location of the plant in Norwalk as heretofore stated, and on the site noted on the maps of “Great Norwalk” scattered around town.

The sale will be in charge of A.M. Beattie and James G. Gibbs, who will be assisted by several competent assistants, including County Surveyor John Laylin, who has made all the plats and knows the ground thoroughly; Fred. W. Christian and Herbert Gallup, representing the two loan companies, with which the required payment of ten per cent is to be deposited in trust; Ex-Sheriff Seneca Ronk, who has been appointed sergeant at arms for the occasion.

The name to be adopted by the new company, provided we buy the lots, is “The Norwalk Steel and Iron Company.”


Small pox quarantine

E.F. Kosts, the Nickel Plate fireman, who is sick with smallpox at Bellevue, has been quarantined in an improvised pest house made of a large covered wagon which has been fitted up with a carpet, cots, stove, etc. and removed beyond the city limits.


Home sold

The old S.B. Fuller house and lot, NO. 97 Prospect St., was sold this week by the Fuller heirs to L.A. Palmer, of this city, for $600. The house is now occupied by E.D. Ward and family.


Milo Cartright dead

Milo Cartright, one of Norwalk township’s oldest residents, died this morning at his home near East Norwalk of old age, aged 85 years.


Among the clubs

The Shakespeare Club will have a “Valentine evening” Monday night at Judge F.H. Jones’ residence, and all members are expected to be present. The ”postoffice” will be in charge of Miss Suzan Benedict and Miss Maude Lawrence.


Coming Monday, Feb. 12, 1901: Norwalk’s new industry

Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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