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Hollanders have village in Huron

• Feb 5, 2018 at 8:00 PM

Feb. 5, 1914

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on this date in 1914:


“Celeryville” in southwest corner of county, is hive of industry

“Celeryville” is the name of a thriving little community in Huron County that is fast rivaling Kalamazoo as a celery growing center. The village is as neat and clean as though lifted bodily over Holland’s dykes and set down in America. And it is peopled almost exclusively by Hollanders.

There are about thirty houses in Celeryville today and several more building. Recently the growth has been comparatively fast. It is located between two and three miles south of Chicago Junction in the heart of the finest black rich soil land. Practically everyone is engaged in growing celery and they find it highly profitable. The farms are models of neatness and thrift, and the village church is well supported. The village store finds a big sale for wooden shoes, such as are used in her native Holland. It is one of the thriftiest corners of Huron County.


Gas fever has struck city

Oil and gas fever has struck Norwalk and vicinity again. The disease is contagious and a number of drilling enthusiasts have caught the disease from exposure to the Stadler well in Cleveland.

The fever, like any epidemic, roams over the country at irregular intervals.  It first struck Norwalk about twenty-eight years ago, when a well was drilled in the flats in the rear of the McCrillis Handle factory to a depth of about 2,800 feet.

There was a showing of both oil and gas when suddenly the tools were lost in the well.  The drillers were unable to fish out the tools and finally the well was “shot” with a large quantity of nitroglyrcerin, bridging the tools and forever  putting an end to further drilling the well.


Bill Russell prisoner again

Bill Russell, sentenced to life imprisonment in the state penitentiary at Columbus for complicity in the murder of Officer Harry Noble, a Nickle Plate detective, about three years ago, and who made his escape from the prison before he had been confined in the institution one year, has been captured in Illinois, is the word that ex-sheriff Henry Sattig received from Arthur Weingates, of this city, a guard at the prison.

Russell and his youthful companion, Frank Crandall, over whom he seemed to exert a powerful influence, were placed under arrest by Officer Noble when Crandall shot the officer, at the command of Russell. The two attempted to escape but were captured by a posse of men near the scene of the murder. It was said Russell was the most unruly prisoner ever in the Huron County Jail. Crandall turned state’s evidence.


Hi team is badly crippled

When the Norwalk High School basket ball team faces the Bellevue team Friday for the game which will probably decide the championship of the Northern Ohio Athletic League, the former will be in a badly crippled condition.

Captain Erickson, while just recovering from an attack of mumps, will have to oppose Bauer, Bellevue’s star center, who has been averaging about 10 baskets to a game lately. Erickson has not been able to practice this week and his condition is doubtful. Harold Winters, star forward of the locals, has been taken ill with the same disease, and will not be able to make the trip. Beecher, sub-guard, is also ill.


Coming Tuesday — Feb. 6, 1914: Milan to send big invitation to Thos. Edison

— Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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