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All sorts of rumors are adrift

• Oct 11, 2017 at 8:00 PM

Oct. 11, 1908


The top stories in the The Daily Reflector on this date in 1908:


Concerning Wheeling’s future and probably location of repair shops

In other cities outside of Norwalk such as Toledo. Cleveland and Pittsburgh, all sorts of reports concerning the probable future of the Wheeling & Lake Erie railroad and the eventual location of the general repair shops are in circulation. That these reports are simply rumors, without any foundation in fact, is proved by the letter which C.P. Jackson, president of the Norwalk Chamber of Commerce, received from Receiver Worthington Monday morning, the contents of which are printed in another column of this issue of the Reflector.

From this letter it is definitely known that the question of whether or not the general repair shops will be located in Norwalk has not yet been decided and is not likely to be until the middle part of the present week.

According to the reports that are going the rounds of the newpspaers outside of Norwalk, either Delano or Legree is to become president of the Wheeling under E.H. Harriman; B.A. Worthington is to quit the Wheeling and the general repair shops are to be located at Justus, O. As said before, all these reports are unfounded rumors, nothing more nor less.



Golden wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Purdy Bishop, No. 9, State Street, will be at home to all their friends on Monday afternoon and evening, October the nineteenth, from two until six o’clock in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage.

As this is the only form of invitation issued, they wish all friends to consider themselves invited.


Forced to play against more seasoned men

Because of the fact that, without any previous knowledge of it, they had to “go up against” heavier and more seasoned players than themselves, the Norwalk High School football team was defeated by the Sandusky High School team in Sandusky Saturday afternoon by the score of 49-0. The Norwalk line-up was as follows: McCann, Knoll, Rathbun, Stratton, Markt, Peasley, Malcolm, Underhill (captain), Wickham, Brown, McDonald.


A family gathering

Mr. and Mrs.C.H. Wheaton of the Old State Road, entertained the following named persons at a family dinner Sunday: Mr. and Mrs. D.E. Wheaton of Cleveland, and Mrs. W.H. Price and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hoyt, Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Hoyt and Mr. and Mrs. J. Raymond Perrin of this city.

Roast turkey was the piece de resistance of the bountiful dinner served and among the neccessaries was an old fashioned English plum pudding, all of which were enjoyed to the utmost.


Coming Thursday — Oct. 12, 1908: Splendid meeting in Wakeman

— Compiled by Andy Prutsok


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