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This pear tree not afraid to work overtime

• Oct 10, 2017 at 8:00 PM

Oct. 10, 1908 

The top stories in The Daily Reflector on this date in 1908:


One branch bears fruit after other branches have yielded crop

J.M. Chaffee, member of the board of public service, has a freak pear tree in his dooryard at No. 67 East Elm Street. That the tree does not belong to any “union” is shown by the fact that it seems to be willing to work overtime.

The tree is a small one, and nearly all of its branches have been grafted onto it in recent years. The grafted branches this summer bore a large crop of pears, which Mr. Chaffee harvested in due time. One of the original branches of the tree, however, sullenly refused to blossom in the spring, and therefore, when the other branches bore their fruit this one branch had not a single pear hanging to it.

Recently after the pears had been harvested from the other branches, the one lone original branch began to put forth blossoms. The last blossom from this branch disappeared Saturday, leaving the branch heavily loaded with fine, healthy fruit, each pear being about the size of a hickory nut.

Inasmuch as the recent frosts have not seemed to injure the blossoms or fruit, Mr. Chaffee expects to harvest the late pears.


 Seen and heard at Monroeville

In his rounds at Monroeville Saturday morning a Reflector representative called on Thomas W. Latham, who has been confined to his bed by injuries he received some weeks ago from being thrown from his carriage in a runaway. Mr. Latham has had a long, painful siege of it.

It will be remembered by Reflector readers that the ligaments of one of his knees were torn loose and a bone broken. Tuesday was the first time Mr. Latham had been up and with the aid of crutches he was about the house for a while. As soon as he is able he expects to come to Norwalk to have an X-ray examination of his limb.

Although Mr. Latham has been a sufferer and a shut-in he has not lost interest in the political situation, and thinks that Huron County will give the entire Republican ticket its old time majority. The Reflector and Mr. Latham’s many Norwalk friends hope that his recovery will be speedy and permanent.


Here’s hoping, too

Norwalk has visions of a portion of the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern railroad shops being moved from Collinwood back to that city, says the Plymouth Advertiser. The deal for the Wheeling shops has been somewhat under a cloud for several days, but here’s hoping that everything will clear up to Norwalk’s advantage shortly.


Sheriff’s trip is shrouded in mystery

Sheriff Snyder made a number of unexpected calls in Chicago Junction Sunday, says the Chicago Junction Weekly Times. The result of his findings will be made known in a few days. His visit here is said to have been made at the urgent request of a number of Chicago Junction people.

Sheriff Snyder declined to state Friday what his mysterious mission to Chicago Junciton was, nor what he did while in that village Sunday. Whether or not he was informed that certain saloons in Chicago Junction were being kept open on the Sabbath, he declined to state, saying that the “secret” will be made public at the proper time.


Coming Wednesday -— Oct. 11, 1908: All sorts of rumors are adrift

— Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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