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Norwalk mourns W.R. Reed after his passing

By Norwalk Reflector staff • Oct 2, 2017 at 8:00 PM

OCT. 2, 1902

The top stories in The Evening Herald on this date 115 years ago:


Reed laid to rest

The funeral of W.R. Read was held from his late home on North Pleasant Street this afternoon at 2 o'clock. Rev. E.T. Hagerman conducted the services at the house and the B of L.E. read their services at the grave, each member dropping a sprig of green upon the casket as it was lowered into the grave.

Members of the B. of L.E. from out of town were Chas. Coe, I.O. Mears, I. Cowarn, C. Fitzsimmons, F.M. Shunk and Ed D. Shedd of Massillion; and R.C. Copper, Josh Clark, Harry Wells and A.C. Tyler of Toledo.

Mrs. M.H. Laylin, Mrs. Jacob Burkart and Mrs. Shedd were also present.


Norwalk football team meets for practice

The foot ball players of Norwalk met at the Lake Shore yards last evening and had a little practice. The players were not selected, but a captain was elected in the person of Councilman Kiefer.

Dr. Crecelius is pleased with the timber from which he will build Norwalk's winning team. Manager Walter King is looking for a suitable field in which to lay out his grid iron and when he finds it will have an arc light swung so that the boys can practice evenings.

A game has been arranged with the Greenwich team, which will be played in this city Saturday, Oct. 11.


Simmons was asleep

Gus Hess and Editor Simmons of Monroeville attended the Attica Fair yesterday. On their way home Hess wanted to go on to Sandusky but Simmons objected. Soon after they left Chicago Junction, Simmons was fast asleep and Hess fixed it with the conductor not to awaken his sleeping friend. When Simmons opened his eyes, he was in Sandusky, right in the heart of that smallpox-infected town.

You can bet Simmons was scared and he didn't lose much time in getting aboard a Norwalk car even if they had been running in and out of that plague-stricken town for several days without being fumigated, too. When he got near this city it is said that Simmons fairly crouched under the seat for fear he would be arrested for violating some quarantine regulation.

Come over any time Brother Simmons, the cruel war has been over for a long time.


A strong team

Samuel F. Newman and Ambrose B. Bowen have entered into a partnership to carry on the old established insurance business that the senior member of the new firm has been successfully operating for so many years.

No better insurance man than Mr. Newman is doing business in the country and Mr. Bowen is known throughout northern Ohio as an honest and capable business man. With this pair "hitched" together, there certainly can be no question about the success of the new firm. Here's hoping anyway.

— Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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