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Miss Dorothy Lee to be star of pageant at fair

• Aug 24, 2017 at 8:00 PM

Aug. 24, 1925

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on this date 92 years ago:


Miss Dorothy Lee to be star of pageant at fair

Miss Dorothy F. Lee of Norwalk has been selected to be Miss Progress, the star of the Pageant of the Firelands, to be the big spectacle at the Huron County Fair.

And a Monroeville young lady, not yet named, will be Miss Patriotism, the second lead.

Decision was reached today when the Fair Board awarded the prize of $100 cash to Mrs. Mert Day for having sold the most contest tickets, and the second prize of $50 to J.H. Henninger of Monroeville.

Mrs. Day at once named Miss Lee as her substitute to take the stellar role in the pageant; Mr. Henninger, who is treasurer of the fair board, declined to accept his prize money, turning it back into the treasury, but stated he would name a Monroeville young lady to be Miss Patriotism.

The board’s coffers were enriched more than $700 by the contest.


Walter Miller hurls Indians to victory

Walter Miller, nephew of Emery Miller of the Norwalk Fire Department, hurled the Cleveland Indians to a 4 to 1 victory over the New York Yanks on Monday. New York’s only run came from a home run smash made by Babe Ruth. Miller lives in Columbus and is 25 years old.


K.K.K. gives 4,000 buns to Salvation Army

Capt. Avery of the Salvation Army has distributed about 4,000 buns donated him by the K.K.K. organization, which held a big konclave at Bellevue Saturday night. He gave them to needy families who were delighted at the windfall.


Marshall Burkett is hit in jaw by youthful rowdy

PLYMOUTH — On Saturday evening Marshal Dave Burkett and his deputy Omar Burkett, were called down to the carnival on Sandusky Street where there were two young men, Reece Adams and Arna Whitt, reported drunk. They were given a chance to leave town but became abusive and the marshal and deputy arrested them

Marshal Burkett got in the car with Reece Adams while the deputy took Arna Whitt. When they reached the jail, the marshal started to get out of the big car, a Ford coupe, and Adams struck him in the jaw and began to fight like a wildcat. Burkett finally subdued him and the pair were locked up in the town jail to await trial.


Blood covered man attracts attention

Much attention was attracted last night about 8:30 by a man, middle aged or older, who walked northward on Hester Street with blood pouring from a wound in his chin. The stranger’s clothing was covered with blood and he walked with difficulty. Apparently he came from the vicinity of N. Hester and Seminary Streets. His identity and how he was injured have not been learned.


Coming Friday — Aug. 25, 1925: Domestic drama stated in office of Mayor Smith

— Compiled by Andy Prutsok

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