Norwalk Reflector: FTMC recognizes employees for nursing excellence

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FTMC recognizes employees for nursing excellence

• Jun 10, 2018 at 4:00 PM

The Nursing Department at Fisher-Titus Medical Center recently had a celebration and invited 42 Nursing Excellence Award nominees to a special presentation.

The winners of these special awards were announced to the nursing staff as the kick off to Nurses Week.

Recipients include Janet Barr, a registered nurse who received the Physician Choice Award, which recognizes a hospital or long term care nurse who is committed to excellent nursing practice and exemplifies the nursing profession. The recipient constantly exceeds the expectations of patients, families, physicians and co-workers.Barr has been a staff nurse at Fisher-Titus for 18 years. She resides in Nova.

Commitment to Patient Care Awards were given to Brittani Winkler, quality and clinical resource manager and Stacy Daniel, nursing administrator. The Commitment to Patient Care Award recognizes compassionate nurses who provide consistent and exceptional care to patients and families. Both recipients have excellent communication with the multi-disciplinary team, patients, families, physicians and peers to implement plan of care. They continually enhance their own professional growth as well as sharing their knowledge and skills with co-workers. In addition, the recipients provide direction, leadership, and support to peers and identifies lean improvements within the work environment.

Winkler has served at Fisher-Titus for seven years, most recently as clinical documentation implementation specialist. She resides in Collins. Daniel, of Willard, has been employed at Fisher-Titus for four years and currently serves as a hospital supervisor.

Jessica See, a registered nurse and Maleah Daniel, a registered nurse, both received Rising Star Awards. The Rising Star Award recognizes remarkable new nurses who have been practicing for three years or less. The recipients provide consistent nursing care to patients and families, as well as enhancing clinical nursing practice through the use of standards and established protocols. They provide excellent communication with patients, families, physicians and co-workers. The recipients also participate in learning experiences to enhance nursing skills and seeks out opportunities for growth and development in nursing skills.

See, of Ashland, has been employed at Fisher-Titus for one year. She currently serves as a staff nurse. Daniel, of Monroeville, has worked at Fisher-Titus for one year and currently serves as a staff nurse.

Tamara Prelipp, from Family Medicine Wakeman, and Heidi Biettner, a registered nurse, both received Medical Practice Awards, which recognizes a nurse or medical assistant who works within the employed medical practices. The award recipients convey the mission, philosophy, and Pillars of Excellence of Fisher-Titus and are committed to excellent care delivery, exemplifies compassion and creates the ultimate patient experience.

Prelipp, of Willard, has been a member of the Fisher-Titus Medical Care team since 1992 and she serves as a licensed practical nurse. Biettner, of Shelby, has been with Fisher-Titus Medical Care since 2010 and currently serves as a physician practice nurse.

Liane Roth, a CST, and Deborah Wright, a staff nurse, both received Partner in Care Awards, which Award recognizes a non-nurse who supports and positively impacts nursing services such as a point of care technician, STNA, secretary, transporter, etc. The award recipients are both committed to excellence in patient care, communicate effectively with patients, families, nurses, physicians and peers and are compassionate, outstanding caregivers who take pride in their jobs.

Roth, of Norwalk, has been employed at Fisher-Titus since 2014 and currently serves as a certified surgical scrub tech. Wright, of Willard, has been employed at Fisher-Titus since 2008 and currently serves as clerical specialist II.

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